EVMS Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences operates six divisions. Our goal is to educate skilled future practitioners, conduct research and provide clinical services that helps meet the mental health needs of Hampton Roads residents.

The Autism Spectrum Disorders division is conducting research to answer questions about the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders. We are recruiting volunteers for clinical trials and studies. To find more information, please explore our current clinical trials. We also offer clinical services for patients.

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The Cognitive Therapy division is dedicated to scientifically-supported clinical services, educational programs and research opportunities. Our faculty have specialized training and interests in cognitive therapy, one of the most researched forms of psychotherapy.

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The Neuropsychology division has provided thousands of neuropsychological evaluations to children, adolescents, adults and elderly patients with known or suspected brain dysfunction since its establishment more than 30 years ago. Our faculty perform significant teaching and research in the understanding of brain-behavior relationships. We also offer clinical services for patients.

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The Psychophysiologic Evaluation and Treatment Laboratory (PETL) provides clinical evaluations, treatment, research programs and instruction to trainees in addressing the role of behavior and physiologic concomitants in the etiology of and influences on co-morbid psychiatric and medical conditions such as depression and cardiovascular disease.

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The Therapeutic Brain Stimulation division offers therapeutic treatment for patients diagnosed with psychiatric disorders such as major depression, obsessive compulsive disorders, dementia, auditory hallucinations and post traumatic stress disorder. The Therapeutic Brain Stimulation program offers transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and electroconvulsive therapy (ECT).

Explore TMS clinical services. Please visit Sentara Healthcare for more information about ECT clinical services.

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