EVMS - Hofheimer Hall Outpatient Training Clinic

‌Rotation Site: Hofheimer Hall Outpatient Training Clinic (OTC) 

Director of the OTC:  Maria Urbano, M.D.

OTC Supervisors:  Richard Handel, Ph.D., Kathrin Hartmann, Ph.D., Allison Knight, Ph.D., Nicole Kreiser, Ph.D., Skye Margolies, Ph.D., Serina Neumann, Ph.D., and other Community Faculty

 EVMS - Hofheimer Hall

The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Outpatient Training Clinic is a multidisciplinary site that serves as a vehicle for training and the delivery of mental health services. Clinical services are delivered by psychiatry residents, clinical psychology interns, psychology practicum students, and art therapy students. The services provided in the OTC are supervised by either licensed, full-time faculty of the Eastern Virginia Medical School Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences or by licensed community faculty. The selection of patients seen in the OTC is based on the availability, interest, and training needs of the interns.

The primary purpose of the Clinic is to educate and train mental health practitioners in the various skills necessary for providing comprehensive outpatient mental health care. Depending on clinicians' training needs and the patient population available, the Clinic provides opportunities to learn and refine the following skills:

  • diagnostic and psychological assessment;
  • individual psychotherapy utilizing psychodynamic, supportive, or cognitive-behavioral approaches within a long-term or brief therapy framework;
  • marital and family therapy;
  • interviewing and play therapy with children;
  • interdisciplinary consultation and collaboration; and
  • outpatient medication management and consultations

A secondary goal of the Outpatient Clinic is to provide high-quality, comprehensive mental health treatment to indigent or inadequately insured individuals residing in the Southside Tidewater community who seek mental health services. Patients seen in the OTC are not charged. 

Clinical psychology interns typically carry a caseload of two to three psychotherapy clients with a minimum of one hour of clinical supervision. Selection of the clinical supervisor and corresponding treatment orientation and type of patient population is done at the beginning of the training year in consultation between director or associate director of the internship and the intern. This is based upon interns' prior graduate training and current training needs. Interns have the responsibility of maintaining a complete medical record for each patient in their caseload that includes a diagnostic assessment, progress notes, and a discharge summary, and are encouraged to perform psychological assessment when indicated.  Outpatient treatment cases usually involve higher-functioning patients who may be seen on a short-term or longer-term basis, depending on the type of training model desired. Supervision is provided by licensed professionals from the EVMS full-time or community faculty (see Supervision - Core Supervisors and Faculty for more information).  See Appendix 1 for the Policy and Procedure Manual for the Hofheimer Hall Outpatient Training Clinic.