EVMS Clinical Psychology Internship Program - Evaluation & Selection

Selection Process

  • All application materials are due by November 1 so that the process of scheduling interviews can begin. Interviews are not scheduled until application materials are complete. Therefore, in order to be eligible for an interview, applicants should see that letters, transcripts, work samples, etc., are submitted to APPIC in plenty of time for us to retrieve them electronically.
  • Selection of Interns is based upon comparative evaluation. Equal opportunity guidelines play an important role in the selection of Interns.
  • After the Intern returns the completed application, required forms, and documentation to the Director(s) of the Internship Program, a prescreening committee will review all completed applications. During the second week in December, EVMS will contact selected applicants to schedule an interview during one of the four Mondays or Tuesdays in January. The interviews provide an important opportunity for applicants to become more familiar with the medical center facilities and to gain a greater understanding of the Program. In addition, it offers the faculty an opportunity to become better acquainted with the applicant and his/her interests. If special circumstances arise, telephone interviews are allowed.
  • Interviews are normally conducted in January. Each candidate will be scheduled for a 30-minute orientation session with one of the Internship Co-Directors and three 30-minute interviews, two with faculty members and one with a current Intern. There will be a catered luncheon at noon on each of the interview days, which will be attended by all available current Interns and the candidates. Attendance at this luncheon is not required, but the intent is to give each candidate a time, away from faculty and staff, to freely discuss our program with the current Interns. Tours of the EVMS campus are encouraged and all applicants are urged to visit training sites of interest.
  • Following the interview process, applications from all candidates under consideration are reviewed by the Internship Selection Committee, which consists of the Internship Co-Directors and selected Internship faculty members. All Intern applicants are rank-ordered as a result of this process. The total number of completed applications for the past decade has ranged from 90 to 164. The typical number of funded Internship slots has varied from three to eight.
  • This Internship site agrees to abide by the APPIC policy that no person at this training facility will solicit, accept, or use any ranking-related information from any Internship applicant.