EVMS Clinical Psychology Internship Program - Administrative Details

Administrative Details

1. Calendar

The Internship begins on July 1 and terminates on June 30 of the following year. Interns are authorized three weeks of vacation per year. Vacations must be scheduled sufficiently in advance to allow for adequate planning for clinical coverage of Interns' responsibilities. The amount of vacation that can be taken at any one time shall be determined by the Internship Director and the Intern's primary supervisor. No vacation will be authorized during the two weeks immediately preceding the conclusion of the Internship, i.e., following June 15th of the training year. Sick leave may be authorized with full pay and benefits for a period not to exceed four weeks. The granting of educational leave shall be at the discretion of the Internship Director. Leave time should be roughly divided equally between your two rotation sites. Leave is on a use-or-lose basis - unused leave is not financially reimbursed.

2. Stipend

The stipend level for the Clinical Psychology Internship program for the 2018-2019 year will be $25,000. In general, Internship stipend figures have tended to increase annually in an effort to reflect cost-of-living adjustments.

3. Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance covering clinical activities clearly defined within the scope of the Predoctoral Clinical Psychology Internship Program is provided by the school at no cost to the Intern.

4. Life Insurance

Term life insurance equal to the annual stipend to the nearest thousand (e.g., $25,000 for the 2018-2019 year) is made available to the interns, without charge, on the date they actually commence Internship duties. The proceeds of the policy are payable to the intern's estate or named beneficiary.

5. Health Insurance

Interns are provided with health insurance with a selection from two programs, and these plans are offered without charge to the Intern for individual coverage. These plans provide hospital, medical, and major-medical benefits to the Intern and immediate family. Immediate family is defined as the Intern's spouse and minor dependent children, and their coverage requires an Intern contribution premium. For Interns beginning their training on the first day of July, coverage will become effective on the day they begin, and coverage ends the day of training completion. There are several optional plans available at minimal cost to the Intern.

6. Pay Periods and Pay Days

All Interns are paid monthly for a total of twelve (12) paychecks per year. Automatic deposit is available, or checks are mailed to the Intern's home on a monthly basis.

7. Professional Development Fund

Each intern is allotted $400.00 for the year for professional development activities to include book purchases, attending conferences, and/or other educational materials.

8. Emergency Loans

Eastern Virginia Medical School provides short-term emergency loans for GME trainees. Psychology interns are eligible for up to $500.00 in emergency loan funds. The conditions of the loan are as follows: No interest will be charged on the loan, loans will be repaid within ninety (90) days by way of automatic payroll deductions of one-third of the full loan amount, and an intern may request no more than three (3) emergency loans during any one academic year. Loan needs for larger monetary amounts or longer periods of time require the intern to seek other resources.

To request an emergency loan, the intern must complete an Emergency Loan Agreement and the Agreement must be signed by the Program Director or Chair of the Department. Loans will not be approved without a completed Emergency Loan Agreement form. Loans will also be contingent upon the availability of funds within the Emergency Loan Fund ($5,000.00).

9. Parking

Parking is provided free of charge to all graduate medical education trainees on the Eastern Virginia Medical Center complex and at all affiliated teaching institutions which are located off the Eastern Virginia Medical Center complex. Eastern Virginia Medical School will supply parking stickers to be adhered to the vehicle (AVI media) for two vehicles per full-time trainee.

10. Offices

Each intern is assigned office space in affiliation with their Major Rotation. Office space is also available at EVMS Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences in Hofheimer Hall for outpatient psychotherapy activities. A scheduling book is used to ensure that an intern has access to the required office space for regularly scheduled appointments.

11. Library Privileges

Interns have full access to all services at the Eastern Virginia Medical School library. These services include on-line computer literature searches (e.g., PSYCHSCAN, MEDLINE, CLINPSYCH), access to issues of all major journals available at the library, and photocopying. The library maintains an excellent inter-library loan system for volumes and materials not available at EVMS.

12. Computer/Copier Equipment and Usage

Computer resources at EVMS are available to interns for access to electronic health records, web access, e-mail communication and the analysis of data. Computer consultants are available to provide assistance as needed. EVMS uses the standard statistical analysis PC packages including SAS and SPSS. Three computers are located in the internship office for use, and computers are available in the Brickell Library as well. Computers are also available in each of the outpatient-training-clinic therapy rooms to access the Electronic Health Records of patients. In addition, laptop computers are available for checkout through the Internship Administrator. Support staff computers and printers are off-limits.

A copy machine is located in the department's copy-room/mailroom, and there is a high-speed copier located in the main mailroom on the 7th floor.

13. Orientation

During the first week of the internship year, interns receive a general orientation to the Eastern Virginia Medical School Office of Graduate Medical Education, and specific orientation instructions related to the Clinical Psychology Internship Program.


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