Morning and noon conferences

  • Offer students a blend of seminar series and interactive case discussion
  • Are facilitated by attendings, chief residents, ward teams and guest lecturers 
  • Are tailored using American Board of Pediatrics content specifications 
  • Include patient and family interviews


Intern morning report

  • Gives focus and feedback driven by specific learning needs of our interns
  • Includes discussions with the department chair, program leadership, chief residents and guest lecturers 

Senior board review series

Review board-style questions and test-taking strategies with key learning points, including resources for:

  • PREP
  • NeJM
  • MedStudy resources 

Pediatric Grand Rounds

This hospital-wide conference includes guest lecturers from around the world and in-house experts presenting the latest in their fields. Community practitioners, residents, medical students and hospital staff attend.


Beyond Discharge

  • Provides an opportunity for Hospitalist ward team members to discuss their follow-up patient phone calls
  • Gives residents time to reflect on patient outcomes and collaborate on ways to improve delivery of care

Quality Improvement Series

  • Acquaints residents with industry-recognized quality improvement methods and tools
  • Offers collaborative sessions to design and implement resident-driven QI projects
  • Assists in fulfilling the ACGME QI project requirement 

Medical Code and Skills Workshop

  • Allows for small group setting for reviewing the Pediatric Advance Life Support (PALS) guidelines, code management and communicaton 
  • Offers high-fidelity simulation technology to prepare residents to act proficiently and confidently during actual code situations
  • Assists with learning to work in multidisciplinary teams (nursing, pharmacy, respiratory therapy, chaplains and security)
    • Example skills include: 
      • IO placement
      • intubation
      • umbilical line placement
      • lumbar puncture 
      • suturing
      • code carts
      • medication administration 

Journal Club

  • Generates clinically based questions stemming from professional journal articles of a resident's choice 
  • Offers one-on-one with faculty mentors to glean practical insights and answers 
  • Develops professional presentation skills

Morbidity and Mortality Conference 

  • Reflect on complex cases
  • Improve delivery of care and patient outcomes while with CHKD faculty and staff