We are delighted to announce the results of our 2022 Open Call, which was held from April through September 2022 for the community to share their voice and insights about the theme “What does a healthy relationship look like for teens?”

We received over 100 submissions to this year’s Open Call, 75% were from school-age youth. A team of 40 judges used a standard set of judging criteria with a 10-point Likert scale.

  • Relevance of the content to the Teen Health 360 Open Call theme "What does a healthy relationship look like for teens?"
  • Relevance to the program target populations (middle and high school students, teachers, parents, guardians, and other caring adults)
  • Creativity/Innovation
  • Inclusivity: submission speaks for one or more subgroups of diverse populations (e.g. by age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, and ethnicity) and does not contain bias against any subgroup
  • Feasibility of information for program use
  • Overall quality of submission (e.g. logic flow, structure, design, grammar, and visual impression)

Winning Submissions

Awards for Adult Submissions

1st - Wendy Schofer
2nd - Marciana Castillo
3rd - Anjali C.

Awards for Group Submissions

1st - Maddie Fowler & Group
2nd - Beach Blades
3rd - Karen Li & Group

Awards for High School Submissions

1st - Hannah C.
1st - Maggie T.
2nd - Leo T.
2nd - Luna H.
3rd - Ophelia Y.
3rd - Kailani S.

Awards for Middle School Submissions

1st - Elijah B.
1st - Sofia W.
2nd - Stella Z.
2nd - Auri B.
3rd - April L.
3rd - Anson L.

Awards for Outside of Virginia Submissions

1st - Oluwakorede Adedeji & Group
2nd - Wenbo Y.
3rd - Oluwakorede Adedeji & Group

Awards for Innovation (alphabetical order)

The Award for Innovation recognizes exceptional submissions that were creative and will be essential in expanding the Teen Health 360 program.

Judging Committee

  • Angela Boone, Portsmouth Health Department
  • Angela Hollingsworth, City of Portsmouth Parks and Recreation
  • Beth Parker, Minus 9 to 5
  • Brianna Perez, Old Dominion University
  • Cameron Korb, Communities in Schools of Richmond, Inc.
  • Caterina Boyd, High School Student
  • Christina Greggs, High School Student
  • Christina Owens, EVa Homebirth
  • Danielle Long, EVMS Medical Student
  • Darrick Person, Norfolk Public Schools
  • Ellen Pudney, EVMS
  • Erica Lu, High School Student
  • Janvi Agrawal, EVMS MD Student
  • Jayla Sampson, ODU School of Nursing
  • Jazmine Garcia, GEAR Recovery, Inc
  • Jean Adler Stean, YMCA of South Hampton Roads
  • Jennifer McGowan, Virginia Beach City Public Schools
  • Jessica Grace Kelley, Muse Writers Center
  • JoAnne Whitehouse, ODU School of Nursing
  • Karen Nanez, EVMS
  • Katherine Johnson, EVMS Medical Student
  • Kazhmira Foster, EVMS
  • Khaliah Wilson, Norfolk State University
  • Kyzwana Caves, CSG/CHKD
  • Liang Yu, EVMS Reproductive Clinical Science
  • Luna He, High School Student
  • Maggie Tu, High School Student
  • Malcolm Jones, Communities In Schools of Hampton Roads
  • Marleen Mallory Brewster, The Salvation Army Kroc Center
  • Nancy Welch, Chesapeake Health Department
  • Noni Welch, Norfolk Department of Public Health
  • Nyna Brown, High School Student
  • Quinci Rockette, LGBT Life Center/ Virginia Sexuality Network
  • Shunmei Zheng, High School Student
  • Scotney Young, Doorways
  • Stacey Carpenter, EVMS Medical Student
  • Takemia Hawks, EVMS
  • Taylor Wallace, EVMS Medical Student
  • Tiffany Cowell, Virginia Beach Youth
  • Vernon Griffin, City of Portsmouth Parks and Recreation
  • Victoria Farr, Freelance Visual Designer