Stipend rates

A total of 12 stipend checks are issued each academic year, and trainees are encouraged to participate in the direct deposit program. Stipend rates are reviewed annually in April/May. Stipend rates below are guaranteed for 2022-2023 academic year.

Post Graduate Year 4 - $64,692.08

Post Graduate Year 5 - $66,338.67

Post Graduate Year 6 - $67,983.06

Post Graduate Year 7 - $69,800.10

Fellows who are in good standing with the program and on track with their research project(s) can earn additional merit pay. Alternatively, fellows can elect to enroll in an advanced degree or certificate program whereby tuition and fees are fully paid, and merit pay is reduced based on the cost of the chosen educational program. Additionally, moonlighting opportunities in our off-site CHKD urgent care centers are available for fellows in all years of training.

Educational benefits

  • Paid DEA and state licensing
  • $750 annual stipend for continuing medical education (CME) and books
  • Shared office space with personal desk and computer
  • Full access to EVMS library, online journals and PubMed
  • Free advanced degree opportunities
    • Master of Public Health
    • Master of Health Administration
    • Master of Medical and Health Professions Education
    • Certificate in Global Health

Paid relocations

A matched fellow who moves to the Hampton Roads area to begin the fellowship will receive up to $500 to assist with relocation expenses.

Paid conference and course participation

  • National Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellows’ Conference (location varies)
  • Two-day Practical Emergency Airway Course (Baltimore, MD)
  • Three-day Advanced Emergency Ultrasound Course (location varies)
  • Bi-monthly Emergency Simulation Conferences (on-campus Sentara Center for Simulation and Immersive Learning at EVMS)
  • Critical Procedures in Emergency Medicine Cadaveric Course (Baltimore, MD)

Paid memberships

Other benefits

  • Paid international medicine elective
    • An immersion medical Spanish course is also available
  • Free adjacent parking to the children’s hospital and our division’s office building
  • Scrubs, pagers and a generous allotment of meal vouchers provided at no cost
  • Coffee/espresso/cappuccino available in the Pediatric Medical Education office
  • Employee discounts on AT&T and Verizon
  • Discounted theme park tickets
  • Yearly fellows retreat with program director
  • Paid 2 or 3 bedroom furnished corporate housing while on toxicology rotation at Blue Ridge Poison Center


The boards of individual specialties may have specific requirements for the amount of time spent in a training program. If an extended leave of absence, for any reason, is necessary, the trainee should discuss the effect of the leave on the requirements and duration of the training program.

Leave: Three weeks (15 scheduled workdays) free of clinical or fellowship duties, per academic year. Leave requests must receive approval in advance from the program director, and trainees should check with the program director regarding program-specific policies. Leave requests will not be approved during the first week of July or last week of June. The number of leave days will be prorated if the GME trainee's start date is other than July 1.

Sick Leave: Sick leave may be authorized with full pay and benefits for a period not to exceed four weeks. Extended leaves require documentation from the treating physician. The number of sick days will be prorated if the GME trainee's start date is other than July 1.

Maternity Leave: Leave is provided through a combination of sick leave and vacation leave. 

Paternity/Adoption Leave: Leave is provided through the use of vacation leave.

Holidays: Graduate Medical Education trainees are responsible for the clinical care of the patients within the educational program. To this end, trainees are not afforded the standard institutional holidays. The education committee of each individual training program has a set policy, which guides the provision of national, state and religious holidays.

Educational Leave: Subject to approval by the program director.

Trainee benefits

Dental Insurance: A dental insurance policy is available to trainees. The premium is the responsibility of the trainee.

Health Insurance: Trainees are provided group health insurance. The institution offers several policy options, and the trainees are covered for the lowest premium option at no cost. If the trainee chooses a more expensive policy or wishes to add a spouse or dependent children, the cost of the coverage selected will be the responsibility of the GME trainee.

Life Insurance: GME trainees receive one times their base stipend in group term life insurance at no cost. Voluntary Supplemental Life Insurance is available at full cost to the GME trainee.

Long-Term Disability Insurance: EVMS provides group long-term disability insurance at no cost to the GME trainee. Once approved by the insurance carrier, the benefit is 60% of monthly base stipend after a 6-month waiting period. Supplemental long-term disability is available at full cost to the GME trainee.

Professional Liability Insurance: The institution provides professional liability insurance covering medical activities clearly defined within the scope of the training program at no cost to the trainee. Activities outside the program are not covered by the profession liability insurance provided to trainees of Eastern Virginia Medical School.

Retirement: Eastern Virginia Medical School offers numerous retirement plan options. GME trainees are eligible to start their own contributions at any time. GME trainees are not eligible for company contributions.

  • TIAA currently offers numerous equity funds, money market accounts and a fixed rate of return fund.

Short-Term Disability Insurance: EVMS provides group short-term disability at no cost to the GME trainee. Once approved, the benefit provides 100% of monthly base stipend after a 14-day elimination period, and all paid leave has been exhausted.

Vision: Voluntary vision coverage is available to GME trainees. The cost of the coverage selected will be the responsibility of the GME trainee.

Benefit rates and enrollment

Medical, dental and vision insurance rates are subject to change on July 1. Any changes in rates will be reflected in June stipend checks.

Detailed information on all of the EVMS benefit offerings is available for viewing at Login credentials are provided by your program or by contacting Human Resources.

EVMS has negotiated discounts for faculty, staff and trainees. Current residents and fellows can access a list of these discounts in myPortal.