EVMS Psychiatry - Hofheimer Hall Outpatient Clinic

The Hofheimer Hall Outpatient Clinic addresses a full range of psychiatric disorders and subspecialties, including the following:

  • Pharmacological management/Pharmacotherapy
  • Psychological/Neuropsychological testing
  • Consultative/Liaison services
  • Personality Assessment
  • Psychotherapy for all age groups, as well as individual, family, and group modalities
  • Psychophysiologic Evaluation and Treatment Laboratory (PETL)

Located on the 7th floor of Hofheimer Hall, PETL provides clinical evaluations, treatment, research programs and instruction to trainees in addressing the role of behavior and physiologic concomitants in the etiology of and influences on co-morbid psychiatric and medical conditions, such as depression and cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Neumann has broad training in clinical psychology and behavioral medicine as well as specialized training in cardiovascular behavioral medicine and psychiatric/behavioral genetics.