Times When Extra Insulin May Be Needed*

Most people take three injections of insulin daily:

  • A.M. - A mix of NPH and Regular or Humalog
  • Dinner - Regular or Humalog
  • Bedtime - NPH

There are times when the usual amount of insulin prescribed is not enough, and blood sugars may become too high. If blood sugar is checked before eating or going to bed and it is higher than 100, the physician or diabetic educator may recommend additional insulin.

Do not skip snacks even if your blood sugar is high!

Key Facts

  • Extra insulin is always REGULAR (fast-acting) or HUMALOG┬« (ultra fast-acting) insulin. Insulin needs are determined by your physician or diabetic educator.
  • If it is time for the usual insulin dose, the extra insulin would be added to this dose. 
  • If it is not time for the usual insulin dose, (e.g. before lunch) the extra insulin is taken alone.
  • If REGULAR is given wait wait 30 minutes after the injection before eating.
  • If HUMALOG┬« is given, eat right away.
  • Keep track of how much extra insulin is taken in the blood sugar log book.

Before Meals

Blood Sugar Level

Additional Insulin/Units

100-140 2
141-160 3
161-180 4
181-200 5
201-250 6
251-300 8
>301 10

Before Bed

If the blood sugar level is >100 at bedtime, extra fast-acting insulin should be taken. The dosage is reduced by 1/2 because the next meal will not be eaten until morning.

Blood Sugar Level

Additional Insulin/Units

100-160 1
161-200 2
201-250 3
251-300 4
>301 5

*The physician may double or otherwise modify this scale. These data are for educational information only

Goals for Blood Sugars in Pregnancy

Time of Day

Blood Sugar (mg/dl)

Fasting 60-60
Before Meals <=95
One Hour After Meal <120
0200-0300AM 60-120