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Donor Egg Program

Donor Egg Program

Donor Egg Recipients:

The Donor Egg Program at the Jones Institute was founded in 1984. Since that time the program has provided an excellent opportunity for pregnancy to many infertile couples. The program is designed for patients whose eggs are absent, unlikely to produce pregnancy, or might transmit genetic disease to offspring. Our age limit for a recipient of donated eggs is 52 years for fresh cycles and 54 years for frozen cycles.

All egg donors undergo extensive screening in our best effort to ensure their suitability for egg donation. Their screening begins with a thorough review of their personal and family medical and genetic history. Then there is a complete physical examination, hormonal evaluation, psychiatric assessment, as well as infectious disease and drug screenings. All donors are anonymous unless you have chosen a donor outside of our program.

For more information about our egg donation program, please call 757.446.7446 and a recipient packet will be mailed to you at your request.

Egg Donors:

Egg donation can be a rewarding process for young women wishing to help infertile couples achieve their dream of having a family. Our program is completely anonymous and a generous compensation is provided for your time and effort. There is a screening process which starts with a telephone call to our patient coordinator who will explain and walk you through the entire process. The screening process will require several visits to our office.

For more information about our program please call 757.446.7446 for a telephone screening and request an egg donor packet. Become an egg donor today.