EVMS Jones Institute is honored to take home the 2016 Gold Medal

The Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine has been voted BEST OVERALL FERTILITY CLINIC by consumers in the Hampton Roads area. You can find our listing and ad in Coastal Virginia Magazine's "Best of" edition. We will continue striving to provide superior, compassionate care to our patients throughout the community.

Congratulations Drs. Bocca and Stadtmauer, the EVMS Jones Institute specialists named “2015 Top Docs” by their colleagues.

Thank you for providing such extraordinary care to our patients.

Congratulations to Dr. Silvina Bocca Named “Health Care Hero” for Reproductive Medicine

The Jones Institute proudly announces that Silvina Bocca, M.D., Ph.D., has been recognized as one of the region’s “Health Care Heroes” by Inside Business magazine for her contributions to the field of Reproductive Medicine. The award honors physicians whose performance on the job is considered exemplary by both patients and peers. Congratulations, Dr. Bocca!

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Researchers and physicians at the EVMS Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine discuss healthy baby conceived from 20-year-old embryo. EVMS Jones continues to lead the infertility field with medical breakthroughs.

A 42-year-old patient of Dr. Sergio Oehninger became a mother after being implanted with an embryo that was frozen 20 years ago – The longest time a fertilized egg has been stored before developing into a healthy baby. The newborn’s mother had undergone 10 years of IVF but was unable to conceive. Last year, a frozen embryo, created by another couple, was implanted into her womb and in May she gave birth to a healthy boy weighing 6lb 15oz.

The embryo was created with four other when the couple were having a successful IVF treatment in 1990. When one was successfully implanted, they donated the other four for ‘adoption’ and these were frozen.

Two decades later, the four embryos were offered to the 42-year-old woman and her husband after being selected from a list that offered the best physical match. The couple was informed about the amount of time these embryos were in storage. Only two embryos survived the thawing process and they were implanted in the woman’s womb. One survived, and the pregnancy went full term.

Dr. Oehninger has carried out research showing that the length of time embryos are frozen does not hinder their ability to grow into healthy babies.

Some doctors believe frozen embryos could be stored for as long as 40 years. Previously, healthy babies had been born from embryos frozen for 13 years.

Congratulations to Dr. Sergio Oehninger and Dr. Silvina Bocca named "Top Docs" in the August 2012 Hampton Roads Magazine

The Jones Institute proudly announces that Sergio Oehninger, MD, PhD and Silvina Bocca, MD, PhD, have been voted some of the region’s “Top Docs” in a recent survey of their physician peers. The survey, conducted by Hampton Roads Magazine, asked over 4,000 area physicians one simple question - "What doctor would you call if you or a loved one needed medical care?" Dr. Oehninger and Dr. Bocca were among 37 EVMS Medical Group physicians to receive this honored recognition from their colleagues in the Hampton Roads medical community. Hampton Roads Magazine honored some 250 EVMS full time and community faculty physicians and alumni. That's more than half of the 440 doctors who were selected by peers to be a part of the annual list. Congratulations, Dr. Oehninger and Dr. Bocca!