EVMS Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeons

Hearing and Balance Center

The Otology-Neurotology Division offers diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the ear, hearing and balance system, facial nerve and related structures in both children and adults. Its services include:

  • Evaluation and treatment of chronic ear diseases such as otitis media, perforations of the eardrum, cholesteatoma, and conductive hearing loss
  • A hearing restoration program featuring the latest technological advances including cochlear implantation, digital and semi-implantable hearing aids
  • The Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Center which offers a multidisciplinary approach for management of tinnitus and loudness sensitivity
  • Associated basic science and applied research focusing on new techniques for hearing restoration and eradication of dizziness/imbalance
  • A comprehensive adult and pediatric family-centered cochlear implant program where patients receive the highest quality care and have access to the latest technology and research
  • Newborn and pediatric hearing testing and hearing aids provided by Audiologists with extensive pediatric experience
  • Diagnosis and management of skull base disorders such as vestibular schwannoman (acoustic neuroma), cerebrospinal fluid leaks, encephalocele (neural tube defect), superior semicircular canal dehiscence (a medical condition of the inner ear), and facial nerve disorders
  • Surgical correction of otosclerosis with stapedectomy

The Division has received national recognition for the Hearing and Balance Center evaluation and management of hearing loss, dizziness and balance disorders. It has also received national and international recognition for its accomplishments in the field of early identification and remediation of hearing loss in newborns. It also offers continuing physician medical education through local seminars and its semi-annual Temporal Bone dissection Course. The division also participates as an FDA investigational site for a variety of medical and surgical protocols dealing with hearing loss and balance disorders. The Division is led by Hampton Road’s only board certified Neurotologists, specialists with advanced training and experience who have been certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology as experts I the field of neurotology.