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Facial Plastics

Why Plastic Surgery?

People consider facial plastic surgery for a variety of reasons. Some have birth deformities, are victims of accidents or have skin cancer. Many people choose to treat some of the signs of premature aging or change the shape or size of a facial feature that has bothered them for many years. Whatever the reason for your interest in facial plastic surgery, it should be understood that facial plastic surgery can help to increase self-confidence and self-esteem. In general, when people look better, they tend to feel better as well.


Although cosmetic procedures and reconstructive procedures are often thought of in different lights, it is important to realize that facial plastic surgeons seek to achieve both form and function in all of the procedures that we perform.  During cosmetic eyelid surgery, our goal is to provide the patient with a younger and more refreshed appearance while ensuring that the function of the eyelid is not compromised. While performing reconstruction of a defect on the nose after resection of skin cancer, our goal is to fill the defect so that the nose is adequately supported and the functions properly. However, an equally important goal is to provide a aesthetic and inconspicuous result in which others would not know that the reconstructive surgery was performed. 


Please explore the website to obtain more information about specific procedures that you may be interested in. If you have a desire to further explore your options for treating any of these conditions, please schedule a consultation to find out how facial plastic surgery might be right for you.