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Facial Liposuctioning

There are various ways to sculpt the baggy or “double” chin including liposuction or direct excision of the unwanted fat. Young patients are more likely to benefit from liposuction alone as their skin tends to be tighter and will contract once the fat is removed. Older individuals often benefit from liposuction in conjunction with a facelift or neck lift to tighten the excess skin. In some patients a direct excision of the fat through an incision under the chin is best and this may be performed along with tightening of the muscle bands that form in the neck.

With whichever method that is chosen patients can expect to have a refined and recontoured neck and jawline.



Liposculpting may be performed under intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. Liposuction is performed through very small incisions that are concealed under the chin. A small canula is used to suction excess fatty tissue from under the chin and in the neck. If direct excision of fat is required or if the muscle bands need to be addressed, a small incision is created under the chin. This incision is strategically placed in a crease under the chin and is inconspicuous.



A compressive dressing is placed over the neck and around your head in order to preserve the new neck contour as the area heals. The dressing may be left in place for a few days and subsequently an elastic dressing may be used at night for a few weeks. This elastic dressing may be taken on and off as needed.

Bruising in the neck should be expected and should resolve in the first 10-14 days. The bruising may be minimized by resting with your head elevated and applying ice to the area in the early postoperative period.