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Facial Implants

The foundation of facial beauty is the bone structure of the face. Enhancing the contours of the existing bony structure can help to create harmony with other facial features resulting in a more aesthetic balance to your face. Facial implants such as chin implants and cheek implants can create a more angular and youthful appearance to your face. Often times facial implants are performed to enhance the results of other facial plastic procedures. A chin implant may be performed to augment a retrussive chin enhancing the results of a facelift or bringing better harmony to the profile during a rhinoplasty. Cheek implants may be performed along with a facelift to further enhance the appearance of the cheeks.



Chin and cheek implants are often performed under intravenous sedation. Chin implants are placed through an incision that is created in a skin crease under the chin. The implant is then secured beneath the soft tissues of the chin to augment the chin’s projection. Cheek implants are placed through and incision under the upper lip, so there are no external incisions. The implant may be placed to enhance the cheek bone, or to fill in a hollowing under the cheek bone.  Dissolvable sutures are then placed to close the incision under the lip.



There will be some degree of swelling and bruising, however many instances this will be minimal. There may be some degree of numbness over the area that should return to normal after several weeks. You should be able to return to normal activity after 10-14 days.