FollowMyHealth™ Information

FollowMyHealth™ Registration

  • Ask the receptionist to sign you up at your next visit to our office.
  • Call your physician’s office and request an account.
  • We cannot accept your portal registration request until you have been seen by a EVMS Medical Group provider. Please refrain from creating an account until that time.

Personal Health Record Security

  • Only you have access to the information you enter.
  • Your doctor cannot see it.
  • It is important for you to share information your personal health record information with your doctor.

Messages and Appointment Requests

  • Please allow two business days for responses. We are closed on weekends, so we are not able to respond on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
  • Please do not send messages about another person through your portal account. Messages and answers sent via the portal become a part of the logged in person’s chart.
  • To send a message regarding your child (age birth to 11 years), you will need to request a new account from your child’s physician’s office.
  • To protect the privacy of our adolescent patients, we are not offering appointment requests and secure messaging to patients who are 12 to 17.  This includes any online communications with parents of children in this age range. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Medical Information Requests

  • We CAN send free text and system information not in the form of a report including: allergy lists, diagnosis list, immunization records, lab results, medication lists, vital signs
  • We CANNOT attach and send documents through the portal including: office visit dictation, EKG reports, health care directives, radiology reports, or reports received from other health care organizations

Lab Results Requests

  • You can request lab results through the portal in two different ways: Ask your clinician (or nurse) to send your lab results to you through the portal or send a secure message using the "Ask A Provider" option in the portal. Your clinic will securely reply to your message with the labs you requested.
  • Log in to the portal and check the “My Inbox” area for new messages.
  • Please note that information from your clinic will not update directly into your personal health record.

Trouble Signing In?