Quality and Innovation

EVMS Medical Group continues its journey and evolution as a high-quality medical home for the patients we serve. We pride ourselves on staying up to date on the latest and safest therapies, treatments and technology. Our practices use an electronic health record (EHR) that allows us to serve patients faster and better. The EHR replaces the paper medical chart with secure computerized records. Through this certified EHR and the use of reporting software, we continue to migrate to more clinically integrated care. 

EVMS Medical Group has begun to focus on training the current workforce in the skills required for transformation of our health-care delivery system. The nurses and medical assistants in our clinical practices are being trained in higher level team functions, such as population health, tracking hospital discharges, medication reconciliation, patient self-management, and smoking status and counseling. Our licensed nurses are training for proactive services, including the Medicare Wellness Visit for Medicare Beneficiaries. This visit provides a snapshot of a patient's current health, as a baseline for future yearly visits and is intended as a preventive service, a way of catching potentially serious health issues early. 

We continue to develop and refine clinical protocols to provide more cost-effective quality care. Our goal is to focus on areas of health care that need improvement, and through utilization of these tools, we are identifying, collecting and communicating data on quality and looking at the most effective strategies for continuously improving the quality of care we provide to our patients.

EVMS Medical Group is an integral part of the Sentara Quality Care Network (SQCN, pronounced “sequin”), an integrated care network led by forward-thinking healthcare providers including Chief Quality Officer Margaret Baumgarten, MD and Nursing Clinical Quality Coordinator Leslie Nestor, RN who understand how to wield big data to create impactful, positive results in the populations we serve. 

Learn more about SQCN’s work here.