Current research funding is being provided by the Howard and Georgeanna Jones Foundation and through competitive grants from the pharmaceutical industry.

Our major research projects include:

  • Biology of the endometrium and implantation
  • Development of novel human implantation model (3D cell culture system) and gene regulation of embryo attachment and invasion
  • Study of the etiology of menstrual/endometrial bleeding disorders
  • Characterization of granulosa cell physiology and relation to thyroid disease
  • Sperm DNA fragmentation and sperm separation techniques to increase ICSI success
  • Identification of biomarkers of embryo developmental competence
  • Examination of factors affecting oocyte aging and its prevention
  • Clinical application of egg vitrification and new PGD/PGS protocols for testing of embryo chromosomal/genetic defects
  • Large-scale research to develop new contraceptives sponsored by the Agency for International Development 
  • Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical testing of new spermicides, microbicides and virucidal compounds
  • New treatment modalities for endometriosis and menopause