EVMS Maternal-Fetal Medicine is a division of EVMS Obstetrics and Gynecology. Our physicians and staff are members of EVMS Medical Group, a not-for-profit practice supporting the mission of EVMS, which serves Hampton Roads and its outlying communities. 

Through education, research and clinical care, our mission is to provide state-of-the-art women's health services designed to enhance clinical treatment and outcomes to pregnant women and their unborn children in our communities

Our Services and Programs

a pregnant woman has blood drawn in a lab
Prenatal Diagnosis and Genetics

This program provides a wide array of services, including cancer risk assessment, counseling for preimplantation genetic diagnosis, amniocentesis, DNA and enzyme analysis, and umbilical cord stem cell collection.

close-up of a fetal sonogram and echocardiogram
Fetal Cardiovascular

Our skilled physicians screen pregnant women who are at an increased risk for fetal congenital heart disease.

a pregnant woman holds water bottle and pink yoga mat
Diabetes in Pregnancy

Our certified diabetes educators have extensive experience in caring for pregnant women with diabetes, as well as a perinatal dietitian to provide a unique multidisciplinary approach to the medical care for women. You can contact them 24 hours a day,

a pregnant woman prepares vegetables while referencing computer
Individualized Nutritional Counseling

A certified perinatal dietitian can provide individualized dietary management and advise women on how to make healthy choices.

A pregnant woman in red shirt hold booklet with two other women in the background
HIV in Pregnancy

Our providers are dedicated to the care of HIV positive pregnant women. Patients referred to the program are eligible to participate in protocols utilizing the newest therapies for HIV throughout pregnancy and delivery.

a pregnant woman undergoes ultrasound
Specialized Ultrasound Technologies

Certified ultrasonographers provide state of the art ultrasound imaging for prenatal diagnosis of fetal malformations (defects), complex gynecologic pathology and other problems.

Antepartum Fetal Surveillance

Our providers use the latest technology to care for high-risk pregnancies at several fetal diagnostic units. These units are located close to Labor and Delivery Suites and provide a wide array of surveillance tests, including non-stress tests, contraction stress test and biophysical profiles.

Maternal Transport

Our Maternal Transport Program provides inpatient and supportive care to patients from South Eastern Virginia and North Carolina who need help getting to tertiary care centers via ambulance or helicopter.