NIH CCN013C Emergency Contraceptive

  • Did you have unprotected sex?

  • Do you weigh at least 176lbs?

Let the Clinical Research Center help you.

You may qualify if you:

  • Are a premenopausal healthy woman between the ages of 18 and 40
  • Weigh more than 176 pounds
  • Have an intact uterus with at least one ovary
  • Have regular menstrual cycles

If you qualify you will:

  • Receive a free investigational emergency contraceptive pill
  • Comply with protocol requirements, including taking an oral medication
  • Attend approximately two clinic visits and receive follow up phone calls over approximately one month
  • Receive financial compensation for completing the study

INTERESTED? Call/Text at 757.266.9561 or email at

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NIH CCN012B Vaginal Ring

Tired of having to remember your birth control?

The Clinical Research Center of Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk is accepting people to participate in a research study in your area. This important research study is designed to evaluate the effectiveness of an investigational contraceptive vaginal ring over one year.

In order to qualify to participate in the Study, you must be:

  • Female between 18 and 35 years old
  • Pre-menopausal with regular menstrual cycles
  • Sexually active (but not trying to get pregnant)

Participants will receive a complete study-related medical examination with laboratory services similar to an annual exam at your OBGYN and all investigational medication at no cost to you.  Additionally, you will also be compensated for your time, travel and other expenses at every completed visit.

Call us at 757.446.5808 or email us at to see if you qualify.

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Edelman Emergency Contraception Study

Why not make this the year you help further women’s health? 

The Clinical Research Center is conducting a trial of an emergency contraceptive.

If you are:

- Between the ages of 18 & 35

- Willing to use two forms of contraception

- Weigh 176 pounds or more

- Not at risk for pregnancy then this study could be for you!

All participants compensated for every completed visit. 

Call us at 757.446.5808 or email us at to see if you qualify.