Course number: OBG410

Course description: Although exposed to the general concepts of genetic risk assessment in the third-year clerkship, the majority of students have little experience with medical genetics as practiced. The goals of the elective will include observation of genetic counseling, risk assessment calculation, counseling regarding prenatal diagnosis, population-based screening, ultrasound assessment and implications of fetal anomalies, teratogen exposure in pregnancy and recurrence risk. Interested students may participate in a short project and publication.


  1. Increase knowledge and experience in the differential diagnosis and management of reproductive genetic disease
  2. Gain practical experience with obstetric ultrasound
  3. Learn the indications for prenatal diagnosis

Distribution of student’s effort:

  • Patient contact: 95% outpatient, 5% inpatient
  • Conferences: 2 to 4 hours per week
  • A large amount of faculty contact time

Offered by: Steve Warsof, MD
EVMS Obstetrics and Gynecology
Location: Hofheimer Hall
Periods offered: Continuously
Duration: 4 weeks
Number of students: 1
Student level: Fourth-year
Night call: No
Evaluation: 65% clinical observation, 35% oral exam/case presentation