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Dr. L.D. Britt awarded NIH Grant to address healthcare disparities in surgical specialties

Story Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2017 15:52:00 CDT

As the Principal Investigator, Dr. L.D. Britt, the Henry Ford Professor and Edward Brickhouse Chairman of the Department of Surgery at Eastern Virginia Medical School, was recently awarded a multimillion-dollar NIH (National Institutes of Health) research grant to develop specific strategies to address healthcare disparities in the various surgical specialties. The NIH R01 grants are the most competitive awards in all of research. Dr. Britt has assembled a talented research team, with the leading experts in the field. These investigators are from the nation’s top medical organizations and academic institutions, including the American College of Surgeons, Harvard Medical School, and UCLA.

Dr. Britt, who has dedicated his entire career to taking care of the sick and addressing the multifaceted disparities in healthcare, feels that this is a pivotal step in countering one of the greatest challenges facing this country. He is particularly thankful for the unwavering support of Dr. David Hoyt, Executive Director of the American College of Surgeons, the organization’s Board of Regents, and the Committee on Healthcare Disparities which he chairs (Dr. Adil Haider (Professor and Director of the Center for Surgery and Public Health at Harvard Medical School his vice-chair).

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