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College students get behind-the-scenes look at EVMS during Campus Visitation Day

Story Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2014 09:43:00 CDT

Anika Turkiewicz is a junior at the University of Virginia who plans to become an emergency medicine physician. While attending Oscar Smith High School in Chesapeake, she took part in the EVMS Medical Explorers program. At UVa, she works as a part-time scribe in the hospital emergency room. And on Saturday, March 22, she attended the 20th annual EVMS Campus Visitation Day.

“I came to learn practical skills for applying and interviewing for medical school,” Ms. Turkiweiwicz says. “I really want to go to EVMS.”

Some 130 college students from as far away as Florida joined her at the day-long event, which is designed to provide a well-rounded look at life as an EVMS student and beyond. The program included an overview of admission selection factors, an MD curriculum review by a panel of current medical students, mock admission interviews, hands-on demonstrations and presentations by practicing physicians.

Over the years, the agenda has expanded to cover new issues, such as social media do's and don'ts and the importance of understanding different cultures. In her Cultural Competency presentation, Cynthia Beadle, President and CEO of B&B Consulting, invited audience members to role-play situations that demonstrated the need to understand a patient’s culture. "If you write a prescription that says to take medication with every meal,” Ms. Beadle explained, “you probably mean take it three times a day. But you have to remember, not every culture eats three meals a day.”

This was the 20th anniversary of Campus Visitation Day, which has grown from about 50 students its first year. The event is presented by EVMS Diversity in Educational Programs.


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