An eight-color analysis cytometer, this Cytek-upgraded Calibur now has three lasers – blue (488nm), red (637nm) and violet (407nm) – with eight detectors. It uses the FlowJo Collectors Edition software for acquisition.

  •  Blue/488nm:
    • FL1 (530nm) – FITC
    • FL2 (585nm) – PE
    • FL3 (680nm) – PerCP, or PerCP-Cy5.5
    • FL4 (740nm) – PE-Cy7
  • Red/637nm:
    • FL1 (666nm) – APC
    • FL2 (740nm) – APC-Cy7
  •  Violet/407nm
    • FL1 (440nm) – PacBlue, or Brilliant Violet (BV) 421
    • FL2 (525nm) – BV510

Please be aware that the majority of problems with the instrument occur when users do not clean the cytometer properly after use, which leads to clogging the sample delivery line. This results in machine downtime. Please be sure to check the tanks before use and follow the posted cleaning and shut-down procedures.

Flow Facility staff does not take responsibility for the storage of data; investigators are expected to back up their data from the instrument immediately after use. The hard drive is cleared once a month of old data.

This high-speed cell sorter and analyzer is capable of single cell sorting and two- or four-way sorting. It supports BSL2+ sorting and 14 colors of fluorescence using four lasers.

  • Blue/488nm:
    • 530nm (FITC), 695nm (PerCP-Cy5.5)
  • Red/640nm:
    • 670nm (APC), 780nm (APC-Cy7)
  • Violet/405nm:
    • 450nm (BV421, PacBlue, DAPI), 525nm (BV510), 610nm (BV605), 660nm (BV650), 710nm (BV711), 780nm (BV786)
  • Yellow-Green/561nm:
    • 582nm (PE), 610nm (PE-Texas Red, mCherry), 670 (PE-Cy5), 780nm (PE-Cy7)

This imaging flow cytometer can visualize and analyze thousands of cells per second at up to 60X magnification. It is equipped with three lasers with six high-resolution imaging channels. It also features a new technology called Extended Depth of Field that is useful for colocalization analysis.

  • Blue/488nm:
    • 533nm (FITC, AlexaFluor 488, GFP), 577nm (PE), 610nm (PE-Texas Red), 702nm (PerCP-Cy5.5, PI), 762nm (PE-Cy7)
  • Red/642nm:
    • 702nm (APC, AlexaFLuor 647), 762nm (APC-Cy7)
  • Violet/405nm:
    • 457nm (BV421, PacBlue, DAPI), 533nm (BV510)

This multiplex reader is a compact, robust system for magnetic bead-based immunoassays, capable of reading assays designed on magnetic xMAP (MagPlex) beads, compatible with Bio-Plex Pro magnetic assays.

  • Read time (1 x 96-well plat): ~60 minutes
  • Plate compatibilities: 96-well only
  • Number of measurable analytes/well: 50
  • Assay compatibility: Magnetic bead-based assays
  • Acquisition software: Bio-Plex Manager MP
  • Analysis software: Bio-Plex Manager software

This bright field cell counter is a touchscreen automated cell counter for trypan blue viability.  It allows for fast, easy, still accurate counting in addition to cell size analysis.

  • Trypan Blue Viability in < 10 seconds
  • Analyze individual cells in clusters and irregular-shaped cells
  • Cell size analysis and size-based counting
  • Counted cell images for data verification
  • Counting chambers – No washing or contamination
  • Auto-save data and cell images