Automatic Vehicle Identification. A basic system consists of tags, antennas, and readers. The reader's radio frequency (RF) source is either integrated or a separate component. The reader broadcasts RF energy over an adjustable area called the read zone or reader footprint. The tag on the vehicle reflects a small part of this RF energy back to the antenna. The reflected radio waves denote the tag's unique identification code and other stored data. The antenna relays the signal to the reader, which can add information such as a date/time to the tag's identification code, and stores it in a buffer. The reader can transmit the tag's identification code to the customer's information management system and the entire process takes only milliseconds

The AVItag must be permanently affixed to your windshield in the center blind spot behind the rearview mirror and to the left (closer to the driver) and below the tint line (~2.5 inches). Parking privileges will be suspended for parkers not affixing the media properly. License Plate Transponders must be installed properly on the vehicle license plate location.

The Visitor Garage is limited to paying or prepaid visitors and authorized students (AVItag and decal controlled). MIII and MIV students have 24/7 access. MI, MII and Health Profession students have afterhours access only (5:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. Monday through Friday, all day Saturday/Sunday and EVMS holidays). 

All students are restricted to parking levels 3 or above when using the PG02 Visitor Garage.

The Staff Garage and surface lot is limited to authorized staff and students only.  All staff and students must observe the first floor space restrictions which are decal controlled (only authorized staff may park in the first floor reserved spaces). The facility is used by EVMS, CHKD and SNGH. 

The Hofheimer Hall leased lot is reserved for EVMS assignments only. 

You can purchase additional AVItags or license plate transponders at cost from your institutional Parking Coordinator.  You will still only be able to park one vehicle at a time within the EVMC’s parking facilities.

Media costs are expensive and each institution develops policies for the cost recovery of media.  FYI, other organizations such as UVA, VCU and UNC charge a minimum of $25 for each parking media kit including the first one.  EVMS provides the first two (2) AVI media free to authorized parkers.

Residents are assigned to level 2 or above in the PG01 Raleigh Garage. Parking privileges are automatically set to expire at expected residency completion. Rotating residents authorized through EVMS’ GME office will be considered EVMS residents, given temporary access to the PG02 Central Visitor Garage, are required to park on level 3 or above and must display an additional decal if provided. New residents will receive their parking media during orientation. Additional media can be acquired by contacting the EVMS Parking Coordinator.

EVMS students must be enrolled in an EVMS matriculated, certificate or joint program. This does not include interns/externs from organizations like Kees or visiting students from other medical schools. Non-EVMS or students from other educational institutions are considered visitors. Media is distributed in conjunction with Student Affairs and GME.  Visitors are required to see the EVMC Parking Office. New EVMS students receive their parking media during orientation.  Additional media can be acquired by contacting the EVMS Parking Coordinator. MI and MII students are assigned to the PG03 Staff Garage and must observe the first floor space restrictions. MI and MII students also have afterhours access to the PG02 Visitor Garage. MIII and MIV students have 24/7 access to the PG02 Visitor Garage.

All students must park on level 3 or above at all times in the PG02 Visitor Garage.

Must possess an institutional ID for staff assignments, must appear on Registrar’s authorized students list or the GME office’s authorized residents list.  Departments can supply an account number for charging monthly fees and media cost for temporary parking of non-EVMS personnel. The expiration of each EVMS ID Badge also terminates parking privileges. Personnel must supply all required parking information regarding vehicle identification and sign a Parking Access Form which includes a review of EVMC parking policies and citable parking offenses. Employees must authorize a parking fee deduction by completing a payroll deduction form in Human Resources.

Contact your Security department or your Parking Coordinator.

No. The institutional Parking Coordinator can issue you a departmental proximity card with access to the PG02 Central Visitor Garage that can be shared by your department and staff. There will be a monthly fee charged to your department for the card. Access to all other lots is AVI controlled and cannot be shared among staff.

Please include early notification of the institutional Security and parking office in your planning.  Notify Security as to when you will have buses on campus.  Contact the EVMC Parking Manager if arrangements need to be made to park the buses within the medical center’s controlled lots.  Notify the visiting organization that buses cannot park on the service road behind Lewis Hall or on Olney Road.  Encourage bus drivers to turn right from Olney Road onto Children’s Lane for loading and unloading. 

All extended service requests should be made directly with the institutional Parking Coordinator. The EVMC parking office will be notified after the institutional Parking Coordinator has completed a review and secured any required internal approvals. Any costs associated with the provision of these requests will be billed directly back to the requesting partner.  These requests include, but are not limited to, special shuttle services, special function parking arrangements, extended booth hours or opening or closing of lots. No partner developed free parking passes will be honored. All free parking passes issued for special functions must be generated with the approval of the EVMC Parking Manager and have an expiration date. 

Parking decals will be required for all lots adjoining public open parking or progressing through one parking area to another, e.g., PG02 Visitor Garage (students level 3 and above) and PG03 Staff Garage (first floor reserved parking).  Parking decals are static and must be affixed to the inside of the passenger side rear window.  Vehicles parking out of assignment with the decal or in assignment without the decal will be ticketed.

Disciplinary action ranges from citations, booting or towing and is based on the severity of the offense, e.g., it presents a danger or hazard or the violation is illegal or chronic. Specifics are part of the EVMC Parking Policy and are available on the EVMS Parking intranet site.

You can park in visitor parking at your own expense or acquire temporary parking media from the EVMC parking office. Temporary use of a license plate transponder that can be placed on the vehicle’s dashboard requires a $45 refundable deposit. The EVMC parking office will verify your institutional ID Badge and assigned parking privileges. You will still be limited to one vehicle within the EVMC parking facilities. 

Parking prepaid media available as:  monthly prepaid parking card – renewable for additional months - $5 setup fee; Patient/Visitor $50; non-EVMS Student $70; Contractor $90; Coupons (10 all-day passes for $30).

Prepaid parking validation stickers are available through the EVMS Procure+ system with delivery from the EVMC parking office. Stickers are available in: 2 hour books valued at $200 costing $150; 3 hour books valued at $300 costing $225.00. Validation charges generated by approved electronic validators are capped at 75% of the daily rate and charged back to the EVMC partner. 

See your institutional Parking Coordinator. Be sure to verify whether they require that you return the non-working AVItag. Employees are charged to replace lost, stolen or damaged media. New media exceeding the two provided free by EVMS can be purchased at cost.

Temps are required to pay for their parking unless the department makes arrangements with the institutional Parking Coordinator, is willing to underwrite the parking expense, provides an expiration date and has made arrangements for an institutional ID. Departments may acquire the parking stickers, coupons or prepaid cards available from the EVMC parking office to offset temp parking expense. Temps are considered temporary non-employee help, volunteers, interns, externs, visiting students, non-EVMS residents, etc.

Each institutional Parking Coordinator has COPP approved guidelines for parking assignments to all lots. Preference is always given to full-time employees. Your primary work location, function and handicap status are used to help determine the appropriate parking facility. EVMS also uses rank and seniority as variables when assigning parking. Additional consideration is given to availability, consumption and timeframe: all day, occasional use, institutional support.

Special lot assignments to provide improved handicapped parking access or reduce walking distance may be made as exceptions to policy by partners with appropriate documentation from the DMV. The institutional Parking Coordinator will require one of the following before considering the modification of one’s parking assignment: Permanent DMV license plate, Permanent DMV blue tag or either a Temporary DMV red tag. Institutions may have additional requirements such as Occupational Health review.

The institutional Security office should be notified and can make arrangements for service vehicles to reach your car. Parkers should contact EVMS Police at 757.446.5199.  

NOTE:  One of the reasons for collecting vehicle information is so Security or parking personnel can notify you if there is a problem with your car, e.g., leaking fluids, flats, fire and damage.

The institutional Parking Coordinator makes the initial parking assignment and distributes parking media at the employee orientation

Security at each facility determines its full status. Employees unable to park in a full facility will be directed to an alternate location. If directed to park in visitor parking, a full facility sticker will be provided by Security, the Parking Garage manager or your institutional Parking Coordinator allowing free exit from the visitor system.  

Free passes are made available through the GME Office. The GME Office must request them in advance from the institutional Parking Coordinator. GME authorizes the passes for a specific period of time and the passes change annually.

Prepaid validation stickers may be ordered through Procure+. Company Level Hot List:  Parking Prepaid Media.  Object code “007312 Parking-Prepaid Media” has been established for use. The vendor will automatically be set to “IDT-Park” with the name “IDT Parking Services”. Commodity will automatically be set to “IDT”. The buyer will automatically be set to “IDT”. Media will be delivered by interoffice mail or may be picked up in the Visitor Garage Parking Office between 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the day following your order. Call 757.446.5618 before going to the Parking Office. Requisition status will be changed to RIDT with the description “Interdivisional Process” after the requisition cancellation and transfer to the General Ledger. Department charges will appear the same as a journal entry from a manual IDT with the description “AUTODP - Parking Prepaid Media”. 

Orders not entered using the Hot List will be cancelled by Materials Management.

Security personnel for EVMS, CHKD and SNGH issue citations. The parking system allows the collective management of citations so partners can review all citations issued. Two citations will cause supervisory personnel to be notified. Three citations may cause the suspension of parking privileges for a period of time and if occurring within the previous 90 days, the vehicle may be towed at owner’s expense. Intentional damage or insubordinate or aggressive behavior may result in the permanent loss of parking privileges.

There are no reserved or assigned parking spaces. You may not mark spaces for personal use.

The EVMS Shuttle serves the EVMC's authorized parker, employee, and staff within a 25 mile radius for authorized activities. Fees may apply. Arrangements can be made by contacting the EVMC parking office. A declaration of emergency conditions in response to hurricane, flood, northeaster, or tornado threat permit exceptions to normal operations’ policies and procedures. Shuttle service for other activities may be acquired from HRT Hampton Roads Transit or Groome Transportation.

Due to safety concerns, motorcycles are not permitted on the upper levels of any of the parking garages on campus. Students must park on level 3 or above at all times in PG02; therefore, they are not eligible to use the motorcycle parking space on level 1 which is reserved for visitors. Student motorcycle parking is permitted on the first floor of the PG03 Staff Garage or on the first floor of the PG01 Raleigh Garage in the spaces designated for motorcycles, first come first serve. Parking media is not necessary as motorcycles can drive around the entry/exit gates but they must be registered through the Parking Coordinator.

The EVMC parking facilities are for daily institutional use only. Storage of personal vehicles is not permitted. Employees & students are subject to a 72 hour maximum parking limit.

Two parking AVItags are included in the student fees and additional AVItags are sold at cost.  Contact the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, 757.446.5244, for any questions regarding student fees. Contact the EVMS Parking Coordinator, 757.446.7496, for AVItag questions.

Visitors riding motorcycles may use the motorcycle parking space located outside the Manager’s office on the first floor of the PG02 Visitor Garage. Employees and students who wish to park motorcycles on campus must contact their Parking Coordinators and make arrangements to register their motorcycles. This is for their own safety so they may be notified if there is any problem at their parking location. Employee and student motorcycle parking is permitted on the first floor of the PG03 Staff Garage or the first floor of the PG01 Raleigh Garage. Spaces have been designated for motorcycles, first come first serve. Parking media is not necessary as motorcycles can drive around the entry/exit gates.