EVMC Campus Police Parking Citations

  • Campus Police and Public Safety officers issue EVMC or City of Norfolk citations.
  • Chronic violators are at risk of losing on-campus parking or having their vehicles booted or towed.
    • Contact Master's Towing at 757.588.3706 estimated cost $130.00
  • Violators are responsible for all towing costs, fines and court appearances associated with City of Norfolk citations.

EVMC Campus Police Issue Citations for the Following Offenses
(Possible booting, towing or loss of privileges)

 Wrong way  Backed into space (garages)
 Obstruction  Parking in undesignated area
 No ID badge  Parking assignment violation
 No parking media  Media improperly affixed
 Property damage  Failure to obey EVMC signage
 Failure to comply  Vehicle storage > 72 hours
 Parked over lines  Driving through barricades/gates 
 Inappropriate behavior  Driving over islands/medians

City of Norfolk Citations
(Possible fines and court appearance)

  • Handicap spaces
  • Fire and emergency lanes