Clinical Medical Librarians (CML) Research Support

The CML Program's goal is to provide timely information to medical students, residents, attending doctors, and faculty at the point of need to demonstrate the value of integrating medical knowledge resources into patient care.

The intention of a CML is to provide faculty, students, and staff with the name of at least one person they can call upon as a starting point for assistance with or information about any library service or issue.

The CMLs have received advanced training in information management skills, evidence-based health care practices, and advanced searching skills in over 200 specialized resources that include toxicology, chemical, patent, and genomic data.

To see a CLM curated LibGuide of favorite resources visit here.

CML Library Coordinator: Esther Sarino, MLIS
757 446-5852
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Institutional Review Board (IRB) Support

IRB Library Contact: Esther Sarino, MLIS
757 446-5852
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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Support

Contact: B. Todd Hooten, MLIS
(757) 446-5856


Instruction Coordinator

Contact: April Adams Pace, MLS
(757) 446-5846
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