The Brickell Medical Sciences Library has an annual copyright license from the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC). The CCC acts as a clearinghouse for managing permissions and payment for the use of copyrighted materials. At its site, you can easily see whether an article or book is covered by our license. The license includes reproduction and distribution rights for the campus community and is designed to help save time, support learning and research, and ensure that the college is in compliance with copyright law.

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To see if a title is covered by the library's annual copyright license with the CCC

Note that in early 2019 the CCC began a transition to a new website, RightFind. These instructions were updated on Feb 12, 2019.


Find the ISSN or ISBN number for your item.

For articles, be sure to search for the title of the periodical, not the title of the article.

  1. Find the Journal's ISSN number. 
  2. You can find a journal's ISSN in PubMed. Search for the article you would like to share.
  3. At the article abstract in PubMed, click the journal name, typically right above the article title. Choose "Search in NLM Catalog."
  4. Look for ISSN.  Copy the "Linking" ISSN. This is the most inclusive.

For print books and ebooks

  • The ISBN number is found on the copyright page or front matter.


Search RightFind using the ISSN or the ISBN number found above.

  1. Go to the Annual Copyright License RightFind search page:
  2. Logon, if you do not have an account, you will be prompted to signup.  Use your credentials to get an academic account.
  3. Search using ISSN or ISBN
  4. On the search results page, find the publication title.
  5. When you find the correct publication title, look in the "Annual License Holders" box on the right.
    • If "How can I use this copyrighted content?" has a green check mark next to it, you are free to use this title in your course materials or share it with others at EVMS. You may continue to use the material for the duration of the library's license agreement with the CCC. If "Terms" appears beneath "How can I use this copyrighted content?," check to see what terms the publisher has placed on this item.  If your intended use is not listed click "View more ways to share." The "Available For Purchase" option only applies to items not covered under our license.
    • If you see a red circle the item is not covered under our Annual Copyright license. Click "View more ways to share" to see what additional options are available.  If there is a "Request Coverage" link and CCC will request that the copyright holder add the publication to the database. The "Available For Purchase" option only applies to items not covered under our license.
  6. If a title is in the public domain, then you may freely share or distribute it.

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What the license covers

The library's Annual Copyright License covers 1.5 million titles, including journals, magazines, newspapers, and books, and it grants EVMS employees and students the right to use and distribute print and electronic content from these 1.5 million titles in:

  • Course reserves
  • Postings in Blackboard
  • Coursepacks
  • Class handouts
  • Email among EVMS faculty, staff, and students
  • Research collaboration among EVMS students, faculty, and staff as well as collaboration with outsiders working on a research project sponsored by or recognized by EVMS
  • Administrative communications
  • A small, password-protected repository for use by a small group of EVMS faculty and students

    Note: the repository must be small in size and restricted to on-campus use by a class or small group. It must not replace the need for a subscription to or the purchase of copyrighted works.


What the license does not cover

  • The reproduction of all or substantially all of a work
  • The right to use, manipulate, or change a copyrighted work so that it does not substantially resemble the original
  • The right to use a work for advertising or promotion
  • The right to create a database or collection, except one created for an individual academic course or for a small group of employees or students
    Note: the database or collection must also be small in size and must not replace the need for a subscription to or the purchase of copyrighted works.
  • The right to distribute copyright-protected works to anyone other than a EVMS employee or student unless that person is collaborating on a research project sponsored by the college.*
  • Interlibrary loan (ILL) borrowing or lending
    • Our Annual Copyright license does give you the rights listed above (What the license covers) once you have received an ILL article or book.
  • Usage rights for audio, video, and images

    Note: photographs and images included in a covered work may be shared but only in the context of the work.

    * The license does grant college employees the right to share a paper or electronic copy with a government agency or recognized accrediting agency if the content is required by the government agency (e.g. for patent applications) or accrediting agency and if that copy includes the following notice: "This Copy of Copyrighted Material was Made and Delivered to the Agency under License from Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. -- No Further Reproduction is Permitted."