PubMed provides free access to MEDLINE, the National Library of Medicine’s (NLM) bibliographic database. The NLM PubMed LinkOut feature allows searchers to see whether the Brickell Medical Sciences Library provides online, full text access to a journal article and whether the article is available in print in the library.

Visit the EVMS PubMed LinkOut site or use MyNCBI through PubMed:

  • Log in to MyNCBI, navigate to "Manage Filters," then "LinkOut" and finally to "Libraries."
  • Check both boxes next to "Eastern Virginia Medical School, Brickell Medical Sciences Library, Norfolk VA (vaeebmlib)."

Search the PubMed database as usual, then change the display to "Abstract" or "Citation" from the initial "Summary" screen. You will see the library's online article and print holdings buttons. These buttons are only visible for the library's subscribed journals and only if you are accessing PubMed using one of the three methods listed above. Users accessing PubMed from the general URL will not benefit from the library's LinkOut feature.


EVMS In Print

EVMS In Print

Use the top EVMS Online button to go to the full text of the article or use the EVMS Linkout to link to vendor site or use EVMS In Print for more details about the library's print collection of that journal. If you see the EVMS Online and EVMS In Print buttons at the same citation, that means the library has both online and print subscriptions.

LinkOut is available for journal articles if:

  • publishers have provided the link to PubMed for their electronic journal and
  • the library has access to that electronic journal through a licensing agreement or subscription with the publisher.

Some publishers provide links to their journal articles with these buttons. In some cases, the full text is free. In other cases, it requires a subscription or the article may be available on a pay-per-view basis using a credit card.

Yes. Just add the phrase "AND loprovvaeebmlib[filter]" (without the quotes) to the end of your search statement. Example: asthma AND loprovvaeebmlib[filter]. PubMed will then filter your results and provide only those citations to which we have print and/or electronic access. 

Most electronic journals are restricted by IP address (a number associated with EVMS' web domain, EVMS users automatically have access if they are connecting from a location on campus. EVMS students, faculty and staff who are off campus must access the electronic journals via the EVMS proxy server.

Some journals require passwords and IP recognition for access. Please look for the specific journal you are trying to access and see if a password is required. If you're still having problems, contact us at 757.446.5851 or

Online full text availability is determined by the terms of a subscription license and by what the publisher chooses to make available electronically.

This is the information you should receive. In this instance, print refers to the paper format of the journal, so you will need to come into the library to use the paper copies of the journal.

LinkOut is dependent on journal publishers/providers allowing libraries to create links to their articles via PubMed. A title might not be in LinkOut because:

  • The LinkOut utility may be experiencing technical problems.
  • Some publishers are not yet participating with PubMed LinkOut, but the articles may still be available through the library’s electronic journals.
  • The online journal subscription might be from a provider that is different from the publisher that is available via LinkOut.

The lack of a button on a specific citation does not necessarily mean that the library does not have full text electronic access. Find a full list of the library's full text online journals. If we have neither print nor electronic access, you may order a copy of the article using ILLiad.

Contact the Brickell Library Information Desk at 757.446.5851 or if you have questions or need to report a problem with PubMed's LinkOut feature.