New printers in the Library

Story Date: Thu, 12 May 2022 08:47:00 EDT

New printer deployment, May 2022

The library is retiring the three HP 9050 Black & White printers from the Library Classroom, Library Lab and Lewis Hall Student Center. 

Existing users of this popular library resource will need to update their printers list on their personal devices. 

Using your laptop please run the PaperCut Mobility Print setup wizard from here:

When asked for “Printer selection” look for

  • BMSL_Classroom_HP_LaserJet_M611
  • BMSL_Lab_HP_LaserJet_M611
  • LH_StudentCenter_HP_LaserJet_M611


Note: Only select the new printer(s) you want to add. Choosing printers previously installed will result in duplicate printers being installed.

It is recommended that you remove the retired HP 9050 printers from your computer to avoid sending print jobs to a non-functional device.

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