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Hometown: Chesapeake, Virginina
Areas of Interest: Non-traumatic hemorrhagic shock; global warming, pollution, and lung disease
Future Goals: Complete fellowship
Residency: St. Agnes Hospital, Baltimore, MD
Medical Education: St. George's University

Why EVMS? I grew up in Chesapeake, 15 minutes away from EVMS. My mother worked at the Jones institute for 12 years, and I've always been around the school, from studying for my SATs during high school to studying for my MCATs before medical school in the Brickell Library. It has a history of excellence and Norfolk General sees a wide variety of patients and has a high volume of patients, both important for training in pulmonary disease and critical care. When the opportunity came for me to apply for fellowship, EVMS was my first choice, and I was lucky enough to match into it.