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Jerry L. Nadler , MD , FAHA, MACP

    • Title:
    • Internal Medicine Chairman & Vice Dean of Research

    • Role:
    • Faculty

    • Faculty Appointments:
    • - Harry H. Mansbach Endowed Chair in Internal Medicine

      - Professor and Chairman, Internal Medicine

      - Vice Dean for Research

    • Additional Certifications:
    • Focus Areas:
    • - Pancreatic beta cell damage associated with lipid and immune inflammatory pathways
      - Cardiovascular complications of diabetes and obesity
      - Prevention of inflammatory damage to pancreatic islets and related complications of diabetes

    • Contact Info:
    • 757.446.8910

    • Office Location:
    • Hofheimer Hall

    • Undergraduate Education:
    • Graduate Education:
    • Postdoctoral Education:
    • Medical Education:
    • University of Miami School of Medicine

      • 1978
    • Residency:
    • Loma Linda University Medical Center, Loma Linda, CA

      • Internal Medicine
      • 1981
    • Fellowship(s):
    • American Heart Association, Greater Los Angeles Affiliate

      • Advanced Research Fellowship
      • 1984

      LAC/USC Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA

      • Section of Endocrinology
      • NIH Research Fellow
      • 1983
    • Board Certification(s):
    • Endocrinology Board

      • 1983

      American Board of Internal Medicine

      • 1981
    • Affiliation(s):
    • - Fellow, American Council of Nutrition
      - Fellow, Council of Hypertension Research, American Heart Association

    • Research Interests:
    • Primary interest is the role of lipid and immune inflammatory pathways leading to pancreatic beta cell damage and better understanding of the cardiovascular complications of diabetes and obesity. He is also very active in developing new therapies to help prevent inflammatory damage to pancreatic islets and stopping the complications of diabetes. He holds a number of patents and has been involved in biotech start-up companies.  Another area of collaborative interest is determining if a virus can trigger beta cell damage in type 1 diabetes.


      One of the genes he is working on is called the 12-Lipoxygenase gene. This gene has been associated with the heart, kidney and nerve damage complications of diabetes, and Dr. Nadler is now helping to develop new medications that can halt the damaging effects of this pathway. He also is studying new medications that can halt the inflammatory damage to pancreatic islets and reduce atherosclerosis.  Another pathway of interest if the Interleukin 12-STAT4 signaling pathway.

    • Primary Specialty:
    • Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism

    • Hospital:
    • Courses Taught:
    • Current Projects:
    • Bio:
    • Jerry L. Nadler, MD, MACP, FAHA, FACE, is Professor and the Harry H. Mansbach Endowed Chair in Internal Medicine and Vice Dean of Research. Dr. Nadler served as Director of the Strelitz Diabetes Center (SDC) at EVMS but he stepped down from that post in the fall of 2013 to devote time to his new added role overseeing research at EVMS.


      Dr. Nadler has been a member of a Special Advisory Committee on Type I Diabetes with the Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). He has research funding from the NIH as well as the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. Dr. Nadler has been a standing member of the ADA, American Heart, and NIH grant review committees. He has over 190 peer-reviewed publications in major scientific Journals in the field. He also has been an invited speaker at the American Diabetes Association, Australian Diabetes Association, World Diabetes Congress and International Meetings of the European Association of Diabetes.


      Dr. Nadler was elected to the prestigious honor of Master of the American College of Physicians by the Board of Regents. This honor is only bestowed upon a very select number of esteemed candidates throughout the specialty of Internal Medicine. The specific qualities that a Master of the American College of Physicians should exemplify are “strength of character, integrity, bravery, perseverance, compassion, devotion, and steadiness, as well as clinical competence.” Dr. Nadler epitomizes these very qualities and has been selected to the esteemed honor of Mastership of the American College of Physicians. Dr. Nadler was presented with this honor at the American College of Physicians’ annual meeting, Internal Medicine 2015, in Boston, Massachusetts on April 30, 2015.


      Prior to joining EVMS in 2008, Dr. Nadler was Chief of Endocrinology and Metabolism at the University of Virginia, Co-Director of the Diabetes and Hormone Center of Excellence and Associate Director of the school’s NIH-funded Diabetes Endocrinology Research Center.

      Virginia Living Top Doctors 2018

Relevant Publications

Butcher MJ, Hallinger D, Garcia EM, Machida Y, Chakrabarti S, Nadler JL, Galkina EV, Imai, Y. Association of proinflammatory cytokines and islet resident leukocytes with islet dysfunction in type 2 diabetes. Diabetologia. 2014 Jan 16. [Epub ahead of print].

Luci DK, Jameson JB, Yasgar A, Diaz G, Joshi N, Kantz A, Markham K, Perry S, Kuhn NS,  Yeung J,  Kerns EH, Schultz L, Holinstat M, Nadler JL, Taylor-Fishwick DA, Jadhav A, Simeonov A, Holman T,  Maloney DJ. Synthesis and Structure-Activity Relationship Studies of 4-((2-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzyl)amino) benzenesulfonamide Derivatives as Potent and Selective Inhibitors of 12-Lipoxygenase. J Med Chem. 2014 Jan 6. [Epub ahead of print].

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