You can find answers to general questions about the PA Fellowship in Emergency Medicine. If after reviewing our website and these frequenty asked questions you still have questions, please contact us at or 757.388.3397.

General Application Questions

July 1st, however we ask that you are in the area by mid-June for EMR training and some introductory courses.

We accept three fellows every year.

  • We will accept fellows with a graduation date as late as May.
  • In order to be licensed and credentialed by July, fellows who graduate in May are expected to take the PANCE at the first available date after graduation.
  • In addition, paperwork needs to be pre-submitted to the VA Board of Medicine prior to taking the PANCE.
  • Accepted fellows with early graduation dates will be considered for employment for the months prior to the fellowship.

Our lowest acceptable GPA is 3.2

  • We ask that one LOR comes from the Director of your PA Program, if you are over two years post graduate this letter can be replaced by a letter from your Lead PA or MD. If you would like to submit an additional letter from another faculty member you are welcome to do so.
  • A second letter should come from a MD or APP that you worked with during your ER rotation.
  • Our goal with LORs is to determine your ability to handle a rigorous program and provide evidence that you have a strong interest/aptitude for Emergency Medicine.

You are welcome to submit any letters that support the above.

This is a difficult situation, you have a few options:

  • Ask your program director if you can move your Emergency Medicine rotation up in your schedule.
  • If you are unable to reschedule your rotation your next option would be to shadow in the Emergency Department prior to your official EM Rotation.
  • Finally you can reach out to us and set up a few shifts to shadow with the Medical Director and PA Fellowship Director.

Yes, we accept fellows from any ARC-PA program.

Yes, we encourage any current PAs interested in Emergency Medicine to apply. However we give preference to PAs with previous Emergency Medicine experience or related field (ie critical care or urgent care medicine).


The fellowship is a rigorous program and not for everyone. We look for fellows with excellent academic performance, since you will be expected to absorb a great deal of information in a relatively short amount of time. In addition, a commitment to Emergency Medicine is extremely important, after all there is no point in completing a year-long fellowship only to pursue a different specialty.



General Program Questions

The program is 12 months in length.

  • Trauma - One month rotation at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, regional Level 1 Trauma Center
  • Pediatric Emergency Medicine - One month rotation at Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters, the Regional Pediatric Tertiary Care & Trauma Center
  • Critical Care/ICU Medicine - One month rotation at Maryview Medical Center

All of our specialty rotations are established prior to the start of the program, for this reason we do not allow any additional or substitute elective rotations to ensure all our fellows have the same opportunities.



  •  Fellows will have mandatory grand rounds every Thursday throughout the fellowship.
  • Every month there will be both a PA and Resident Journal Club. Fellows are expected to attend both meetings and lead the PA Journal Club.
  • Fellows will be assigned mandatory reading assignments, quiz questions and lectures in addition to grand rounds every month.


BLS, ACLS, PALS and ATLS are all included in the fellowship program and will be completed throughout the year at no cost to the fellow. In addition, all our fellows are sent to SEMPA 360 every year.

Fellows will work 17 shifts every month during Emergency Medicine months, a mixture of day shifts, evening shifts and overnight shifts. Shifts will vary between minor care and  acute care medicine. During acute care shifts, fellows will work directly with an attending physician or with the fellowship director.

Off service rotations (ICU, Pediatrics, and Trauma) shifts will vary and be dependent on the service, with trauma being the most demanding rotation.

Yes, in most cases it will. The fellowship increases your knowledge of Emergency Medicine in a short amount of time. You will be trained to perform critical procedures such as central line placement and intubations. Your ability to care for the sickest patients in the Emergency Department makes you an invaluable asset. That being said, if you are applying for a job in an Emergency Department that only uses their PAs to see “minor care” or “urgent care” patients then your skills will be less valuable to that employer since you will not be exposed to critically ill patients.


  •  The EVMS EM PA Fellowship program works directly with Emergency Physicians of Tidewater to staff seven different Emergency Departments in three different cities in Hampton Roads Virginia. This allows a wide range of diversity from rural medicine to urban inner city populations. Don’t worry all these cities are relatively close and you will never need to commute more than one hour to any hospital.
  • Emergency Physicians of Tidewater is one of the largest employers of Physician Assistants in the state of Virginia. Our Physicians not only enjoy working with our PAs but see them as a valuable asset to the group.
  • EVMS is home to a sought after Emergency Medicine Residency Program as well as multiple Post Residency Fellowship Programs for Physicians. Our fellows benefit from our academic faculty during weekly grand rounds, journal clubs and extensive ultrasound training with our EM Physician Ultrasound Fellowship Program.
  • Our program focuses on training our PAs to perform at the highest level in the Emergency Department. For that reason, unlike other programs, we limit our off-service rotations to only three and focus the majority of our efforts on making sure all of our fellows can handle critical emergency department patients before graduating from the fellowship.
  • Depending on position availability and performance during the fellowship our applicants will be offered a position with Emergency Physicians of Tidewater.










  • If you are interested in the Fellowship and you are not accepted we strongly suggest you apply for a position with our Emergency Medicine group Emergency Physicians of Tidewater
  • By working a year in Emergency Medicine prior to starting the fellowship you will gain the experience necessary to start the fellowship already knowing how to care for less critically ill patients
  • Alternatively positions in Urgent Care, Critical Care/ICU and outside Emergency Medicine would be good options prior to reapplying to the fellowship.