EVMS Career Advising for Medical Students

Mission Statement

The mission of the Careers in Medicine (CiM) Career Advising Office is to provide a comprehensive program of career advising activities and opportunities for medical students so they can acquire the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to be a physician.  This approach is modeled after the AAMC Careers in Medicine program.  The phases involve:

  • Choose Your Specialty
  • Land Your Residency
  • Shape Your Career

Clinical Advisors

Having a clinical advisor is critical to the success of a physician-in-training.  The Introduction to the Patient (ITP) Small Group Facilitator (SGF) serves this role for the first two years of your training at EVMS.  Contact your advisor with any questions related to career planning or other academic concerns.  If your ITP SGF cannot answer your question, s/he will assist you in getting additional help.
During your third year, you will select a clinical advisor who can assist you in planning for your M4 rotations and applying for residency programs.   This advisor must have EVMS faculty status and will sign your M4 schedule.

Shadowing Experiences

Students may arrange for shadowing opportunities using the Shadowing Roster available on the internal Blackboard course site CIM101:  Careers in Medicine—Career Advising.     

EVMS Four-year Plan and Timeline

Each year of medical school has its own unique set of steps and events.  These are described in more detail at programmed events and through the internal Blackboard course site.

Professional Behavior

You are studying to enter a noble and highly regarded profession.  Begin NOW to practice your professional skills and behaviors.  Always treat your faculty, ancillary healthcare providers and patients with respect.  Professionalism is evaluated throughout your coursework and your clerkships.

Sampler of Programs Offered Each Year

  • Specialty Talk Panels
  • How to Plan a Summer Vacation
  • Lunch on Us - A Career for You (specialists describe nature of their work)
  • Run Up to Residency
  • How to Write a CV
  • Guide to the Core Clerkships
  • How to Plan Your M4 Year
  • Rank Order Lists
  • Family Matters – Juggling Family and Career
  • Military Match – Lessons Learned