Canoles Cancer Center

The EVMS Leroy T. Canoles Jr. Cancer Research Center focuses on the most prevalent types of cancer in southeastern Virginia — prostate, breast, lung, pancreas, head and neck, and urological cancers. EVMS’ work emphasizes research into new diagnostic and therapeutic tools. 

Named in honor of a Norfolk lawyer, community leader and philanthropist, the center is dedicated to translational research that leads to improved care. It acts as a hub for collaboration hub for clinicians and scientists to collaborate, forging a direct connection between the laboratory and the physician's office.

Located on the fourth floor of Lester Hall, our facility features some of the most sophisticated cancer-fighting tools available today, including proteomics equipment that plays a vital role in uncovering cancer’s molecular fingerprint. Our biorepository is one of the largest of its kind, housing 85,000 cancer biospecimens — each one an important key to uncovering the characteristics that make cancer deadly. 

Our dedicated cancer research team brings together experts from a range of specialties — from microbiology and pathology, to surgery, radiation oncology and more. 

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