EVMS is different from other schools. We embrace a deep sense of collegiality that unites us in the goal of positively impacting lives near and far — together. Our rigorous curriculum incorporates emerging trends in education that prepare EVMS alumni to succeed after graduation.

Our commitment to service further distinguishes EVMS. As a product of our community, we focus on the needs of the people of our region. That emphasis fuels our research into conditions such as diabetes and cancer. It supports our world-class clinical enterprise. And it lures the faculty and students who come to EVMS because we empower them to reach their potential for facilitating good in the world around them.

We’re proud to have you joining our community.


Student First Impressions

Ultrasound Technology

The Jones Institute, The Johnsons

Strelitz Patient Success Story

Canoles Cancer Survivor

Culture of Community Service


Standardized Patient Program