Student Orientation

Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I find my class schedules and locations?

For information on program-specific course schedules in any semester of the current academic year, students should refer to the Public Microsoft Outlook folders or Blackboard, depending on your program.

Where do students find the most up to date required and recommended booklists?

The EVMS Matthews Bookstore keeps the most up to date booklists and required texts on file. Students are also encouraged to buy used books during the annual used book sale held in early September.

Where do I find help with career advising and specialty choices?

The Careers in Medicine Program, within the Office of Medical Education and Directed by Dr. Janet Winner, provides a robust, longitudinal program to assist MD students with specialty choices, and encourages individual counseling.  In addition, your assigned faculty advisor is a great resource for career advising. Health Professions students should speak with their program director.

If I have a disability and need special consideration for classes and/or testing, whom should I contact?

The Student Disability Guide explains the process of documentation and obtaining accommodations.  All documentation should be submitted to  Dr. Michael Solhaug, the EVMS Disability Officer. Learn more.

If I am having academic problems, who should I contact?

Students are encouraged to visit or contact the Office of Academic Development located in Student Affairs, Lewis Hall or your program director.

Get Involved

How do I find out about what is going on with student events outside of the classroom?

Student Affairs and work to communicate and post upcoming student events, programs and activities. Students can also visit the EVMS Events Calendar and speak with their program director.

How do I get more involved in the local community with my peers?

Student Affairs, Community Outreach, as well as many departments throughout EVMS provide students opportunities to have a meaningful impact on the local and global community.

Where can I find information on student activities, clubs,  organizations, professional societies, goverance, or community outreach activities?

 Students manage their activities, clubs and organizations through the google site:  The Office of Student Affairs sends a weekly email that summarizes the upcoming events.


Health & Wellness

Where can I go to see a health-care provider for acute or chronic medical conditions?

All students have access to the EVMS Ghent Family Medicine clinic located on campus in Hofheimer Hall. Please call the EVMS Student Health number at 446-5811 to schedule an appointment. Student Health Brochure.

Where can I get help in solving problems related to the school?

The Office of Student Affairs serves as a problem-solving service that assists students. Staff and faculty in Student Affairs and Services will help students resolve problems or refer students to the office or person who can help with the problem. Student Affairs specializes in helping students with various academic and non-academic concerns.

What should I do if I or someone I know is feeling anxious/stressed/depressed?

Students and their spouses are encouraged to seek Student Mental Health services, administered by the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at 757.446.5888. Contacts are confidential.  The PHOENIX Committee is a peer-organized assistance program for students and their family members who are having difficulty coping with family concerns, financial challenges, relationship issues, or various forms of stress or emotional /anxiety problems.

Why have I been billed for health insurance?

EVMS requires that all students have health insurance as a condition of acceptance. All full-time students are automatically enrolled in the EVMS student health insurance plan, and as a consequence, all students are billed for our insurance premium. If you have health insurance coverage, you can waive the EVMS insurance with evidence of adequate insurance coverage. You must waive the insurance by the stated deadline or you will be automatically enrolled in the EVMS plan.

If I have my own health insurance, what do I do?

You must log into the student health insurance waiver portal (add link here) and provide evidence of adequate insurance coverage. Your coverage must be comparable to the coverage provided under the student health insurance plan. The waiver period has a strict deadline, so please be aware of this date and retain a hardcopy of the confirmation of waiver.

I have waived coverage, but my account still reflects the charge. When will my account be adjusted?

First, make sure that you have completed all steps in the waiver process. A confirmation notice is provided at the end of the online waiver process. Please make sure to retain this for your records. An email is also generated. If you do not receive an email, login into the portal and verify that your waiver has been completed. If your waiver is not completed by the deadline, you will be required to pay for health insurance. All waivers are processed on student accounts at the end of the waiver period. We expect waivers to be posted to student accounts within approximately two weeks from the waiver deadline.  If you are eligible for a refund,it will be processed within seven (7) calendar days after the waiver is posted to your account. Student financial statements are updated every Monday.

I will be subscribing to the EVMS student health insurance. Am I automatically enrolled, or do I have to actively create an account?

You will be automatically enrolled in the system. No further action is required.

I will be subscribing to the EVMS student health insurance plan. When will I receive my insurance card?

Cards will be issued at the end of the waiver period.

I will be subscribing to the EVMS student health insurance plan, and need to see a doctor or get a prescription filled before the end of the waiver period, which is when my account will automatically be activated. What do I do?

For those students who plan to utilize the student health insurance coverage and may need to see a physician or fill prescriptions before the waiver period ends, you may click on the enrollment link and complete the enrollment process. Once enrolled visit the United Health Care website and follow the instructions to create a student health insurance account. Once created temporary cards can be printed.

If I forget to waive my coverage before the deadline, what can I do?

Unfortunately, failure to waive by the deadline will result in automatic enrollment in the EVMS health insurance plan. Once enrolled, EVMS cannot remove you from the plan. You will be required to pay for the health insurance coverage. Students with past due balances will be placed on a financial hold and will not be able to register for classes in future semesters. No academic records, including transcripts, will be released until the balance is paid in full.


I have questions regarding Financial Services.

Please visit the Financial Services FAQ page.

I have a specific question about student housing on-campus or off-campus.

Learn more about on-campus housing here. View off-campus housing listings here

Where do I find the student handbook and policies?

Download the 2013-2014 Doctor of Medicine Student Handbook and EVMS Student Honor Code

Where can I find more information about EVMS Police and Public Safety?

Visit the EVMS Police and Public Safety webpage to learn more about safety and security on campus. Services such as medical campus patrol, police escorts, emergency and information call boxes, and more are available through EVMS Police and Public Safety.