Student Orientation

Department Contacts

(757) 446-XXXX
Admissions and Enrollment - School of Health Professions     7437
Admissions - School of Medicine       5812
Art Therapy & Counseling   300 Lester Hall 5185
Biomedical Sciences PhD Earl Godfrey, PhD Program Director 3081A LH 5609

Biomedical Sciences Research Master’s

Earl Godfrey, PhD Program Director 3081A LH 5076

Biotechnology Master’s   3081A LH 5076
Brickell Library   Brickell Library 5851
Brock Institute Karen Remley, MD, MBA     7414
Clinical Embryology & Andrology Jacob F. Mayer, PhD Program Director 332 Lester Hall 5049
Clinical Psychology, PsyD

Michael L. Stutts, PhD

Program Director    8400
Financial Aid Margaret Murphy Director of Financial Aid 1141 LH 5804
Financial Aid Michelle Byers Associate Director of Financial Aid 1146 LH 5804
Financial Aid Patricia Redwood Financial Aid Counselor 1145 LH 5804
Financial Aid Kim Botdorf Financial Aid Counselor 1146 LH 5804
Financial Aid Nicole Rice Financial Aid Secretary 1145 LH 5804
Health Insurance Staci Toney Benefit Data Specialist 101 SRH 6043
Health Professions - Administration Nancy Stromann Coordinator, School of Health Professions 312 Lester Hall 6100
Human Resources     101 SRH 6043
Masters in Public Health

Joe Flannery, MHA, MS

Program Director 415 Lester Hall 6120
Medical Education Ronald Flenner, MD  Associate Dean for Medical Education 1174 LH 7439 
Medical Education Janet Winner, PhD  Director of Careers in Medicine 1176 LH 8488
Medical Education David Golay  Director of Student Performance and Evaluation 1177 LH 5877
Medical Education Ylonda Boatright  Administrative Support Coordinator 1181 LH 7439
Medical Education Christine Boswick  Director of Clinical Placements 1175 LH 7186
Medical Masters   315 Lester Hall 5944
Diversity in Educational Programs   1152 LH 5869
Network Center   1003 LH 5871
Ophthalmic Technology

Lori J. Wood, COMT

Program Director 2116 LH 5104
Physician Assistant

Thomas G. Parish, DHSc, PA-C

Program Director 342 Lester Hall 7126
Police & Public Safety   1020 LH 5199
Registrar   1158 LH 5805
Student Affairs Ann Campbell, PhD Associate Dean for Student Affairs 1168 LH 5244
Student Affairs Terri Babineau, MD Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Director of Service Learning 1169 LH 5244
Student Affairs Allison Knight, PhD Director of Academic Development 1170 LH 5244
Student Affairs Eileen Little Student Services Generalist 1182 LH 5244
Student Affairs Vera Potts-Anderson Student Progress Coordinator 1157 LH 5827
Student Affairs Ebony Drayton Administrative Support Coordinator LH 5244
Student Portal    
Surgical Assistant

R. Clinton Crews, MPH

Program Director 320 Lester Hall 5810