The main objective of our program is to acquire the ACGME Core Competencies. Each rotation focuses on:

  • Expanding the resident’s medical knowledge in both theory and practice
  • Teaching them the effective methods to providing compassionate and appropriate patient care
  • Developing adequate communication skills that result in successful exchange of information and collaboration with patients, their families, and health professionals.

Our faculty is also determined to train residents the fundamentals of Practice-Based Learning and Systems-Based Practice. Throughout their journeys at EVMS we continue to teach our residents the commitment to carrying out professional responsibilities and adherence to ethical principles.

Upon completion of the program, residents will also be able to:

  • Use critical thinking when making decisions that affect patient’s life and that of their family
  • Teach and share knowledge with colleagues, residents, students and other healthcare providers
  • Demonstrate commitment to scholarly pursuits through conducting and evaluating research
  • Provide cost-effective care to surgical patients and their families
  • Pursue lifelong learning as a necessary prerequisite to maintaining surgical knowledge and skill
  • Utilize appropriate skills in those surgical techniques required of a competent surgeon
  • Demonstrate the ability to perform complex and advanced plastic surgery procedures
  • Supervise and teach other residents, because our goal is not only to train good surgeons but to form a generation of leaders and mentors