Poster Categories

We endorse the idea of educational scholarship following Ernest Boyer's model that presents four areas of scholarship: discovery, integration, teaching, and application. Explore the questions each category aims to answer.

Scholarship of Discovery

What is to be known? What is yet to be found?
Examples of scholarly products:
  • Publication in peer-reviewed forums
  • Funded projects
  • Creative work produced/performed within established field
  • New infrastructure, products and systems for future studies


Scholarship of Integration

What do the findings from the Scholarship of Discovery mean? Is it possible to interpret what's been discovered in ways that provide a larger, more comprehensive understanding?
Examples of scholarly products:
  • Comprehensive systematic literature review
  • Collaboration on cross-disciplinary, transdisciplinary initiatives promoting interprofessional education
  • Consensus panels


Scholarship of Teaching

How can we best transmit, transform and extend knowledge?
Examples of scholarly products:
  • Published classroom research - design or delivery
  • Program evaluations 
  • Curriculum development products to include tested:
    • instructional or assessment materials
    • programs (i.e., program-level assessment systems)
  • Innovative process for mentoring and advising graduate students


Scholarship of Application

How can knowledge be responsibly applied to consequential problems? How can it be helpful to individuals as well as institutions?
Examples of scholarly products:
  • White papers - consultant reports for industry or government
  • Tested interdisciplinary interventions​
  • Educational leadership roles in professional organizations and within educational institutions
  • Guidelines or best practices, such as evidence-based standards and protocols
  • Mentorship or advising of student leaders to foster their professional growth