EVMS Pathology and Anatomy and the Master of Medical and Health Professions Education program are pleased to host the Second Annual Educational Scholarship Day.

This event is designed for participants to learn, share ideas, identify opportunities to collaborate and highlight work in educational scholarship, based on Ernest Boyer's four areas of scholarship — discovery, integration, teaching, and application.

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Keynote Speaker 

Alice Fornari EdD, RD

Preparing Faculty to be Humanistic Mentors across the Continuum of Medical Education

After the presentation participants will be able to:

  • Describe the theoretical background and evidence base for humanistic mentoring for their intended audience
  • Describe how mentoring and role modeling are linked skills
  • Reflect on how the concepts presented can support humanistic mentoring at their own institution

Speaker Bio

Dr. Fornari is the Associate Dean of Educational Skills Development Zucker Som at Hofstra/Northwell and is the Vice President of Faculty Development for the 23 hospitals of the Northwell Health organization. Her faculty development role at both institutions is designed to align the UME, GME and CME continuum. Serving in these roles for the past 8 years allows her to bring UME curricular innovations to the GME programs and recruit educators from GME to participate in faculty development and teaching at the School of Medicine. Recognizing a need for additional faculty development to align UME and GME education, in 2016 she created and admitted the inaugural cohort to a Masters of Health Professions Pedagogy and Leadership program. As Program Director, she supports high level faculty development for faculty who teach in Northwell Health's GME programs and desire an advanced degree in education. She has developed and implemented "Learning Drives Teaching and Assessment" workshops, an educational research curriculum, and system-wide "Resident as Teacher" and "Chief Resident" curriculum courses, all of which include interactive didactics and experiential components to assure skill-building is occurring in real-time. Dr. Fornari is co-editor of a manual published by the International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE), entitled Active Learning Strategies for Large Group Teaching. This is a web-based manual available to the medical education community that has been very well received nationally and internationally. An interest in health humanities and reflective practice as a core competency has supported successful implementation of health humanities curriculum across UME, GME, and CME at the SOM and Northwell Health Organization.

Dr. Fornari is actively engaged in obtaining external funding and implementing novel programs to transform medical education across the continuum. In 2014, Dr. Fornari was awarded a 2 year grant, Mentoring and Professionalism in Training (MAP-IT), funded by the Arnold P. Gold Foundation that focuses on developing mentoring skills in clinicians to achieve humanistic relationships with trainees, colleagues and ultimately patients across the continuum of medical education. In 2015 the Department of Internal Medicine was awarded a 5 year HRSA Primary Care Training and Education grant, Improving Patient Access and Care Through Training (IMPACcT). Dr. Fornari is Co-Principle Investigator on this grant, and has oversight of  implementation of grant activities which seek to transform delivery of education to students and residents in ambulatory clinical care environments and impacting care delivered in those settings.

Dr. Fornari obtained her EdD, Higher Education, College Teaching and Academic Leadership at Columbia University, Teachers College in 2001. Her research interest was focused on curriculum to support ethical decision making for healthcare professionals.

Workshops scheduled for 2nd Annual Event

Our meeting will included workshops across three sessions on a range of medical and health professions education topics:

  • Public Datasets for Education Research
  • Supporting Education with Long-Term Memory Transfer
  • Transforming to a Competency-based Program: A Practical Step-by-step Guide from Mission to Outcomes Assessment (Two Part Series)
  • Microlearning Blueprint for an Instructionally Sound Learning Experience
  • Improving Student Engagement and Learning Outcomes Using Team-based Learning
  • How to Build Intercultural and Global Perspectives into Your Classroom
  • The Interactive Lecture: Effective Use of Technology in Education
  • Facilitating the Readiness Assurance Process Using InteDashboard
  • Educational Pearls: Self-Regulated Learning, Deliberate Practice, Adaptive Expertise

See our full workshop list for details.