EVMS Pathology and Anatomy offers innovative educational programs for medical and graduate students. We are proud to champion ultrasound education in the preclerkship curriculum in addition to providing instruction in anatomy, neuroscience and pathology in the medical school's CareForward Curriculum. We are intimately involved in providing the foundational basic science courses for several of EVMS’s Master’s level programs as well.

Our faculty work within the Doctoral Program in Medical and Health Professions Education. The program offers concentrations in Contemporary Human Anatomy Education and Ultrasound Education. These concentrations strive to contribute to the EVMS mission of achieving excellence in medical and health professions education by developing students who graduate with the skills necessary to be successful medical and health professions educator-scholars in the 21st century. We provide students who desire a career focus in education with extensive training in the anatomical sciences, coupled with sufficient teaching experience, to be fully prepared to assume positions as anatomical sciences educators at the doctoral level. 

We also offer two master's programs. The Pathologists' Assistant Master's program is designed to help meet a shortage of practicing pathologists. The Contemporary Human Anatomy Master's program prepares students for further educational opportunities or to enter a career in biotechnology, medical modeling engineering and more.