Sean Closs, MD

Medical School: University of Vermont

Hometown: Haverhill, MA

Why Ghent/EVMS: I was deeply impressed with the quality of the residents/staff, the facilities at the hospital, and how everything just 'clicked'.  Being located near the water, strong VA/veteran presence, lots to do, etc all made it a nice balance for me. I especially appreciate the 'opposed'  FM program with lots of opportunity to work independently as well.

Hobbies/Interests: Travel, backpacking, reading (non-medical, history/philosophy/world religions especially), combat sports, attempting to learn the viola (poorly)  

Future Goals: To be the best possible physician I can for my patients.  I want to be 'very good' at a lot of different things vs being specialized in any one field.  Maybe that's why I went with Family Medicine. Having spent so much time traveling around while growing up, I look forward to the idea of being the community/family doctor.  

Special Areas of Interest: Mental health, addiction medicine, possibly palliative care