Med School:  Eastern Virginia Medical School

Hometown: Chantilly, VA

Degrees: B.S. Biology

Why Family Medicine? Primary care has been my focus and passion since I started my journey to become a physician. I love hearing stories from patients about how they have been seeing their doctor for twenty or more years. There is a genuine trust that is so evident in their willingness to entrust the physician with their care and I aspire to emulate that quality I have seen amongst family physicians. I appreciate how family doctors advocate for their patients in the community while serving as a guide through the complex health care system. Family Medicine stands out to me because of the focus on continutiy of care, teaching, team leadership and community involvement. 

Why PFM: I knew PFM would be home as soon as I walked into the resident room and was greeted by welcoming faces and laughter. Every resident expressed a desire to teach and inspired me to learn. The faculty are exemplary models of patient care and easily incorporated social determinants evidence-based medicine into their practice. During my interview, I heard recurrent tales of how fellow residents supported one another while joining together in the pursuit to become excellent physicians and I am excited to join them on their journey.

Hobbies/Interests: I love to sing, bake and lazily read on my porch in the sun. I have performed in the EVMS talent show and learned how to make a scrumptious banana nut bread. I look forward to enjoying karaoke and games nights with my fellow residents. As well as, attending the theater shows and musicals that come into town.

Future Goals: Considering a fellowship. I plan to return to my home town to work near family. 

Special areas of interest: Ultrasound, Heriatrics