Dr. Sarai Morrison  

Hometown: Hampton, VA

Med School: Eastern Virginia Medical School

Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Biology and Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry from Virginia Tech

Why Family Medicine: I always wanted to be a Family Physician-I wanted to be the type of doctor that can learn to belly dance from a 94-year-old and then go and listen for "monkeys" in a toddler's tummy. For me, family medicne is a field where you get to really know and work with your patients, you are never ever bored and you get to learn something new every day (belly dancing included)!

Why PFM: Portsmouth Family Medicine boasts a variety of patients, locations and resident responsibliities. I want to leave residency with a broad range of skills so that I can handle any situation I find myself in, and I truly believe PFM will prepare me will for my goal.

Fun fact about yourself or hobbies: I enjoy learning new skills and trying new things. I have tried my hand at everything from fishing to sewing to various home improvement projects and am always looking forward to a new adventure!