Dr. Linwood Joyner II 

Hometown: Portsmouth, Virginia

Med School: Eastern Virginia Medical School

Degrees: Bachelor of Science (B.S.); Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)

Why Family Medicine: Family Medicine grants me the opportunity to impact lives throughout all generations and ages. Family Medicine allows me to stay well versed in the newest changes and updates to medicine that impact everyone.

Why PFM: As a native of Portsmouth, Virginia, PFM is the best place to be as I want to give back and serve the community that helped raise and mold me into the individual I am today. Furthermore, I enjoy the staff, residents, and faculty/attendings at PFM.

Fun fact about yourself or hobbies: I love to sing; sing in the choir at church and at local events or concerts when requested. I also have played numerous instruments throughout my K-12 education and even into early college.