Experiential Learning facilitates clinical rotation onboarding, off-site housing assignments, and affiliation agreement execution for EVMS students taking part in clinical rotations and practicum experiences.

Clinical Student Onboarding

In order to participate in clinical rotations at our partner sites, students must complete specific onboarding requirements.  Some examples of these requirements include:

  • Obtaining BLS/ACLS certification
  • Submitting to a background check and drug screening
  • Completing health requirements, such as mask-fit testing, TB screening, and proof of vaccination status
  • Completing site-specific paperwork

Experiential Learning’s two Onboarding Coordinators oversee the facilitation of these processes, working directly with clinical sites and students to ensure all requirements are met and all students are fully cleared to begin on their start date.  For more information or assistance with student onboarding, please contact Sita Topalli at 757-446-5687 (topallsg@evms.edu) or Meghan Yelding at 757-446-5984 (yeldinma@evms.edu).

Off-Site Clinical Rotation Student Housing

EVMS maintains partnerships with healthcare facilities nationwide who provide educational experiences to our students.  When students are placed at these distant sites, as part of their clinical rotation requirements, the Experiential Learning Housing Supervisor locates safe and secure student housing in these areas.  This includes evaluating the location for safety and accessibility to the clinical site, determining student housing assignments, and communicating all pertinent housing information to the students for each rotation.  The Housing Supervisor works directly with the program directors, property managers, and students to ensure efficient management of the entire off-site clinical rotation housing process.  For more information or assistance with housing for off-site clinical rotations please contact Natasha McCoy-Porter at mccoync@evms.edu or 757-446-7371.

Affiliation Agreements

Successful relationships with our clinical partners require the execution of student affiliation agreements for each site our students visit.  These agreements outline school and facility expectations and ensure understanding between all parties.  Our Experiential Learning Agreement Specialist oversees the execution, maintenance, and renewal of all student affiliation agreements.  Working with the Office of the General Counsel, program directors, and site representatives, the Agreement Specialist serves as the point of contact, ensuring all required agreements are executed before rotations begin, while also monitoring current agreements for expiration and completing renewals when necessary.  For more information or assistance with student affiliation agreements, please contact Jonathan DeVore at devorejm@evms.edu or 757-446-7080.