EVMS Distance Education Services are designed to meet the needs of faculty utilizing distance education technologies and methods. 

Consultation & Coaching

We act as a think tank, offering expert advice and communities of practice in areas such as educational technology, teaching, learning, and evaluation. Start your Consultation and Coaching project with our team today! 

  • Faculty Development
  • New Faculty Orientation
  • TA Development
  • Education Best Practices
  • Consultation for EVMS Related Projects
  • Best Practices Resources (recommended articles, journals, and other publications)

Design & Development

We provide instructional design and media development services in a collegial environment to encourage academic integrity and excellence. Start your Design and Development project with our team today!

  • Course Creation/Design (New Course 6 Months)
  • Course Redesign  (Redesign 6 Months)
  • Course Conversions (Face-to-Face  Online)
  • Curriculum Mapping (1 year)
  • Program Development (6 Months per course)

Instructional Technology

We help energize student engagement and success with the meaningful and intentional use of rich media and innovative technology. Start your Instructional Technology project with our team today!

  • Software and Hardware Piloting
  • Classroom/Course Integration
  • Training

Media and Production

We offer high-quality audio and video solutions to provide stakeholders with rich media that is produced with excellence, collegiality, and integrity. Start your Media and Production project with our team today!

Post Production and Publishing Turnaround

The times posted here allows Distance Education the time to ensure quality and integrity in the final product that is produced.  The time needed to schedule and coordinate with faculty and staff vary widely and are not included below.

  • Video Production = 3-5 days per video
  • Lecture Capture = 2-3 days per lecture
  • Adobe Presenter Publishing = 1-2 days per presentation

Applied Research

Distance Education remains effective by participating in the use and promotion of the Boyer’s Model of Educational Scholarship, an insightful and collaborative practice of fostering inquiry to stimulate innovation through research. Start your Applied Research project with our team today!

  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Research of Teaching and Learning Practices
  • Scholarly Publishing
  • Public Speaking
  • Participation/Subscription to Academic Communities/Societies

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