Communication Timeframe

Instructors normally check messages once per day and respond within 48 hours. Feedback on assignments is usually provided within two weeks of receipt. If there are any concerns about missed emails or no response, please contact the Program’s Director.

Online Classroom Behavior and Student Interaction


In a traditional classroom, students are reminded that behavior that disrupts the class or interferes with other students and their ability to learn is unacceptable. Any person engaged in disruptive behavior receives a written warning from the instructor. Students who continue to engage in disruptive behavior after this warning may be administratively withdrawn from the course. Similarly, in an online course, any electronic postings, emails, or electronic messages that disrupt the class or interfere with learning goals and objectives are unacceptable. Electronic communication—the backbone of online courses—must be civil, respectful, and cordial at all times. Any posting that disrupts or interferes with learning will be removed, and the author of the posting will receive a written warning. A second disruptive posting will be grounds for the author to be administratively withdrawn from the course.

All materials from lectures, discussion boards or any other “class forum” is confidential and cannot be shared in any social media sites or shared with anyone else outside of the EVMS system. Any concerns about the plagiarism, ethical or legal nature of any material should only be communicated with the related Instructor(s), Course, and Program Director for assistance with the matter.


EVMS email allows you to communicate one-on-one with another person enrolled in the class or the instructor. Information that you need to convey to the instructor or requests for an appointment are best sent via email.

Release of Grades

Grades will not be released over the phone. Grades will be posted in the Blackboard grade center. Grades will not be released prior to completion of assignment or test by ALL registered students. Final grades will be released only after the completion of a course evaluation survey.

Release of Information

No information regarding a student’s coursework, academic standing, or grades will be discussed with anyone other than the student.