Eastern Region of VA.Our students gather, analyze and report on relevant community-focused data on STIs to design a systematic needs assessment protocol, which they implement over the course of their time at EVMS. As students collect data and conduct investigations with community participants, they will lead a project that could help future medical students, doctors and community leaders strategize on how to better serve those impacted by STIs in our region.

The objectives of this project include:

  • Identify sources of data related to STIs in Eastern Virginia to include typical sources of health-related data as well as organizational, nonprofit or alternative sources
  • Collate existing data on STIs in Eastern Virginia and effectively describe the current status in multiple ways (prevalence, incidence, patterns, trends, populations, behaviors, geo-trends, etc.), and then synthesize that data in ways that are clear and promote action
  • With experts, identify areas most likely to provide fruit upon deeper analysis
  • Design needs assessment protocol, obtain appropriate process approvals and develop required materials for investigation
  • Conduct data analysis, synthesize data, articulate conclusions and recommend next steps
  • Students will diagram the process for systematically investigating local health phenomena, quantifying findings and reporting the research

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For more information, contact Community-Engaged Learning or faculty leads Don Robinson, PhD, and Cynthia Romero, MD.